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The main purpose of this platform is networking during the application phase. The process of submitting a proposal is, however, independent from this platform and has to be performed via WWTF's online submission system. This platform shall support researchers in finding partners and to discuss ideas, in particular because in this call, the interdisciplinary collaboration between social sciences & humanities (SSH) and computer sciences (and other related technical fields) (ICT) is mandatory. Based on that information, users can search for partners. Die Life Science Calls NÖ sind ein Instrument zur kompetitiven Förderung von grundlagenorientierten Forschungsprojekten im Bereich Life Sciences. For specifics about the call and the proposal submission process, see Menu "Call". Short proposals have to be submitted by September 22nd, 2020. These proposals are currently evaluated by the international call jury. The special call within the thematic programme "Information and Communication Technology" aims at facilitating interdisciplinary research between social sciences & humanities (SSH) and ICT. 24 full proposals were submitted and are currently under review. The call aims at facilitating interdisciplinary research between social sciences & humanities (SSH) and ICT. We strongly encourage you to use this platform for finding partners and for networking. WWTF wants to position Vienna as an internationally strong location for developing Digital Humanism as a movement and paradigm. Hence, please take care that your profile is up to date and accurate as possible. The funding range per project is € 200.000,-- to € 400.000,--. Young and female scientists are especially encouraged to apply and act as Principal Investigators. The Precision Medicine 2020 call invites researchers and clinical scientists at universities and non-university research institutions, who want to conduct a cutting-edge research project (2 to 4 years) with a major focus on precision medicine based on omics technologies and patient cohorts. Full proposals have to be submitted by January 28th, 2021. For more information on the call’s topic "Digital Humanism", please go to https://www.wwtf.at/digital_humanism/ See also the Call Fiche below for more information on the specification of the call. Enlarge your network and meet new contacts and potential collaboration partners easily. Über das Science Center Niederösterreich. 82 short proposals were submitted. WWTF opens the new call „Digital Humanism 2020“ which aims for collaborative projects between social sciences/humanities and informatics (in the wide sense) to address challenges associated with digitalization. You can edit your profile during (and after) registration. The first call “Digital Humanism” in WWTF’s Information and Communication Technology Programme closed on September 22, 2020. The call aims at facilitating interdisciplinary research between social sciences & humanities (SSH) and ICT. We received 99 short proposals. Publish and showcase your project ideas and expertise to other participants on this platform. Please find more information in the Call Fiche "Digital Humanism". In total, 2 m € are dedicated to this call. Für diese Ausschreibung nimmt der WWTF neben Wiener Anträgen auch Kooperationsprojekte zwischen Wiener und Niederösterreichischen Universitäten und Forschungseinrichtungen entgegen. The call addresses researchers and scientists at universities and nonuniversity research institutions in Vienna, including those moving to Vienna as a result of this call. Please be aware that the "Fields of Interest" cannot be too specific to allow for intersections between different people. This is a two stage call: Short proposals had to be submitted by June 2nd, 2020. Der Gründer des Web betont, dass die Digitalisierung zwar beispiellose Möglichkeiten eröffnet, aber auch ernste Bedenken aufwirft: die Monopolisierung des Web, die Ausbreitung extremistischer Verhaltensmuster, die von sozialen Medien orchestriert werden, ebenso wie Filterblasen und … Details can be found in the Guide for Writing a Proposal and at wwtf.at/noeA total of € 5 million are dedicated to this call. NÖ-Beteiligungen von bis zu 49% pro Projekt, WWTF (Wiener Wissenschafts-, Forschungs- und Technologiefonds). Proposals should bring together scientists from different scientific disciplines such as biology, medicine and systems biology to foster interactive partnerships. Submission deadline for the short proposals is September 22, 2020 at 2pm. Full proposals had to be submitted by October 1st, 2020. Find a partner who is a good match to realize your project ideas. This Matchmaking Platform supports our activities in the Digital Humanism Call 2020 in two regards: Firstly, Digital Humanism has not yet become a research field of its own right. Project duration is 2-4 years. The platform allows for making matches between potential collaboration partners based on their profile. Im Rahmen der Technologie-Förderung werden anwendungsorientierte Forschungs-, Entwicklungs- und kooperative Innovationsprojekte ab € 200.000,-- unterstützt welche der Industriellen Forschung und Experimentellen Entwicklung zuzuordnen sind und ein hohes Marktumsetzungspotential besitzen. Researchers from both SSH (including art-based research) and ICT and related fields should collaborate across disciplines. These proposals are currently evaluated by the international call jury. Dafür werden vom Land Niederösterreich entsprechende Mittel zur Verfügung gestellt. The matchmaking event brings together people from this new interdisciplinary field. DIGITALEN HUMANISMUS WIEN, MAI 2019 »The system is failing« — so Tim Berners-Lee. The proposed project should improve the understanding of current fundamental questions in digitalisation in its social and human dimensions and thereby aim at re-conceptualizing the development of digital technologies. The proposed project should improve the understanding of current fundamental questions in digitalisation in its social and human dimensions and thereby aim at re-conceptualizing the development of digital technologies. Digital Humanism – a new topic Based on many intense discussions and bottom-up activities of the Vienna research commu-nity over the last year, WWTF aims to introduce Digital Humanism with this call as a new sub- The international jury will invite a limited number of proposals to submit a full proposal. From April 21, 2020 onwards the Vienna Science and Technology Fund Digital Humanism Call 2020 is open. See description for details. The model is time and cost efficient and results in targeted meetings, which will take place in a dedicated area and will be arranged in advance by means of this website. WWTF Digital Humanism Call 2020 Matchmaking Platform and Events to find Collaboration Partners WWTF invites you to participate in this matchmaking event with pre-arranged (online) meetings within our new call for Digital Humanism to find partners for interdisciplinary proposals. Digital Humanism 2020. In total, at least € 2.0 million are dedicated to this call. The decision on the short proposals will be communicated to the applicants in early November and successful proposals will be invited to submit a full proposal until January 28, 2021, 2 pm CEST. We received 99 short proposals. For more information on the specifics of this call, please go to www.wwtf.at 19.04.2020 - 31.05.2021. The proposed project should improve the understanding of current fundamental questions in digitalisation in its social and … Additionally, WWTF offers personal consultation by appointment.Please do not hesitate to contact the call manager for more information:Johanna Trupke. Researchers with various backgrounds need to find each other around the theme of Digital Humanism. The WWTF Digital Humanism Call 2020. Hence, WWTF will employ this platform to organize information / matching events online. The Vienna Science and Technology Fund Life Sciences 2020 Call “Precision Medicine” opened on the 20th of January 2020. Additional funding opportunities are available for collaborative projects between scientists in Vienna and Lower Austria. Initiate and arrange pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings at the event. Digital Humanism 2020 is a project call within the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Programme. In case that your "Field of Interest" is entirely missing (and cannot be subsumed under an already given field, please contact us). We defined a not to high number of "Fields of Interest" as kind of clusters which you need to select. Digital Humanism 2020 Call Fiche_v5_06.pdf, get the latest information about the funding call, build quality partnerships for participating in this call, facilitate the setup of project teams and collaborations, acquire new contacts and initiate collaborations. We are also thinking about continuing the platform further down the road to support the community building process for Digital Humanism. May 14 th 2020 14:00 – 19:00 This event takes place online. For more information on the call’s topic "Digital Humanism", please go to, Life Sciences 2020 Call “Precision Medicine”, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Call Fiche - Digital Humanism 2020 [PDF, 539.66 KB], Including sex and gender considerations in WWTF proposals and research teams, Guide for Writing a Full Proposal [PDF, 1.02 MB], Presentation full proposal webinar [PDF, 13.06 MB], Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators (VRG), Guide for Writing a Proposal for the Vienna Research Groups Programme 2020 [PDF, 820.92 KB], Proposers Day presentation [PDF, 1.24 MB].

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