voltric fb vs arcsaber fb

I think I’ve finally solved what works best for me! Whilst it has a thin shaft it performed well with an element of flex but not too much to cause timing issues. For a player with a defending, counter-hitting style, this could be utopia, or the super-fast champion of the net. There are a number of rackets that fit the bill. Shaft: Very-stiff. Are You Suffering From A “Lack Of” Which Is Affecting Your Badminton Performance? The real negative here is that I wonder whether in the search for weight reduction, there has been a reduction in the strength of the racquet – there’s certainly a reduction in feel, especially in respect of feeling solid and reliable for the big power shots. As Paul says, it’s blistering on the mid-court, and defends well (if you can keep track of where the racket head is)… but that’s about it. Z slash is developed with Arcsaber Technology which is designed to deliver the control flex by holding the shuttlecock longer on string bed. But the big question for me is its attacking capabilities. While, if you need fast racket movement then go for Z slash. Having had a go of this racket, I’m confused as to what Yonex is actually trying to achieve here – what does a super-light, even-balance racket do that no other can? Anyways, I look forward to more of your recommendations any day. As you can imagine, the super-light frame made defending simple. New Website - If you are having any issues please contact [email protected], Free Stringing Service with Racket purchase over $150, FREE SHIPPING on Orders - Canada over $200 | USA over $250CAD |*exceptions may apply -click for details, Yumo Pro Shop - Racquet Sports online store. This has gone beyond previous weightings. I have one ZF still. My test wasn’t nearly as rigorous as yours (I just played a game) but I got basically the same impression as you – great in the forecourt, less compelling in the rear. Graphics are a welcome change in a matt finish, similar to Z Force in sonic blue, lime green black and white. yonex voltric z force vs arcsaber z slash-2 Arcsaber Z slash is very speedy racket and also choice of many players. I suggest you test your other rackets again and see if the pain returns playing the same shot with them. Sadly there are not many rackets in the VT5 price range. I always enjoy your reviews, because your preferences of rackets are really close to my taste. But I would like to try something in the control-side of the game too. Is it the stiff shaft that I’m not used to yet? With that, I bought an RSL Powerlite 700. My clears were effortless (even a bit too much), I could place the shuttle where I wanted it to, and I had no trouble defending like I usually do. I am thinking about buYing this racket, but i dont know if the weight is too low? Will this racquet provide the power from such a light frame? Perhaps the biggest surprise was the launch of Flashboost. No doubt there are others but the list is virtually endless. According to your review, I think you would definitely love the Fusion BLX. You are asking for trouble buying anything from ebay. Yonex Arcsaber FB Review. And also fake one was broken after several month: central main string pull down into head frame. This was something altogether different. On the one hand, considerable work has gone into the development of the racquet and in most cases it delivers what it says in terms of speed. The Yonex Voltric series is head heavy which means it will be heavier at the end where the birdie hits the racquet. My choices eventually came down to 2 of the Yonex series: Arcssaber and Voltric. Moving onto drop shots, Arcsaber Flashboost performed pretty well with a high degree of precision and touch. Recovery from the smash is very fast but you have to expect that because the weight will allow this to happen. I thought the racket felt a little fragile and I know of a number of players who have bought this racket and broke it very quickly. The result wasn’t bad, but not as powerful as I can hit. Note what feels good and bad especially the specification of racket. I posted this here, since the racket i bought is a lightweight, stiff racket much like the Arcsaber FB. Okay Paul! Grip size G4 – the standard offering from Yonex in UK, and it would seem that Yonex is favouring white grips these days, possibly to show off the colours and brighten up the racquet. But, he could tell when he bought a ‘Quality B’….. I’d buy yonex vt80 and ns8800 from ebay for so low price. Moving into mid-court territory, this is where the racquet did what I expected by being superfast. For me, where it shines is from mid-court forward, so this covers defence, flat exchanges, pushes, blocks and everything around the net. However, whilst I accept this is a super-fast racquet, I believe there has been a compromise in order to produce a racquet to a specification and I don’t know whether this may prove to be too light too soon or a stroke of genius. The light frame here works well and because of the weight it’s harder to notice any drag. But, overall this is where the game can be won and lost and this racquet clearly wants to dominate the net area – very nice indeed! The MP22 was good, but it felt that the G4 took away some power since it’s too big for my palm. Yonex Arcsaber Flashboost  has a RRP of £160.00 although I expect to see prices around £135-40 mark from online retailers. The racket that I feel I’m used to, or more comfortable with, is a head-heavy racket, and I am a hard-hitter, playing most of my game with power smashes. If you prefer head heavy rackets then stick with them. Having recently played with Arcsaber 11 which was pretty solid, I can’t pass this off as me comparing to my trusted Voltric 80. Weight: F (73g) Grip size: G4 This racket has a weight of 73 grams which is F classifications which is different than most of the Yonex racket with 3U or 4U weight classification. This is a tough decision because no doubt your Z Force provides the power you require from rear court. Buying a racket off ebay is a risk. My concern would be that your power reduces which makes your overall attack less of a threat to your opponents. The sharp pain was felt most when I attempted a forehand high serve. I’ve been playing with very light racquets for two or three years (Black Knight Superlights and more recently Wilson Fusion BLX’s). There’s plenty of control and the short racquet movements allowed easy blocks and changes in pace and direction. Where it is weaker is at the rear court. Will it provide that solid hitting platform or will it be too thin and flimsy? As a summary we can say that Z force is basally a powerful racket with average racket repulsion. Perhaps a budget Arcsaber but then is that what you really want? Don't forget to follow YumoProShop and AtoezYumo on Instagram for the latest updates. Before going onto court I thought a lot about this racquet and how I expected it to perform. I posted this here, since the racket i bought is a lightweight, stiff racket much like the Arcsaber FB. So if I’ll have choice what to buy: fake vt-80 from ebay or genuine vt-5, I’ll chose second one. Whilst the shuttle went down pretty well from the full smash, I didn’t get a good feeling of confidence out of this racquet, you know that feeling that makes you want to smash all night. i was wondering if you would recommend the arcsaber flash boost? The only thing you know for sure right now is that you need a G5 grip. Again, this is where I felt the head was a little thin and needed beefing up a touch. It was Class B rackets and only one I can say that it was very good just for price about 35$ (about 20 GBP), maybe, it is good for first racquet for beginner, or for play on the beach, not for sports. Hi Paul, I have used head heavy rackets since i started playing badminton 10 years ago. Arcsaber FB-even balanced-stiff flex-5U and 6U-CS carbon nanotube Voltric FB-head heavy-stiff flex (stiffer)-5U and 6U-incorporates tungsten and black micro core into the frame Voltric FB 5U Voltric FB 6U Hi Paul, I have used voltric in abit over a year, both 80 and Z-F, but my ZF just broke. (Am a VT80/VT-ZF user) Thanks Pradeep. Please note: comments must be approved before they are published. But Paul, a friend of mine bought one of the VT80 ‘Class A’s’, and he also owned an original VT80, and couldn’t tell a difference? Whilst it’s still pretty strong, my concern is that it’s a bit thin and fragile for a big hitter and I can see this being a problem. If not, then yes, 24lbs may be too tight for you. Check Price on Amazon. Hi Paul! I couldn’t get a precise “feel” to my shots. If your other rackets were strung at 24lbs then there is no reason why this one should be deemed too tight. It’s 4U-G5, and is rated as slightly medium-stiff to stiff. Thinking back I almost changed style, shortening my swing a little and using my wrist more. Overall I recommend you test friends rackets and see if there are any specifications which feel good to you. It would be helpful to read my article on choosing a racket as you may then ask different questions. Dont take price into concederation. Before you decide to change the racket to appease your coach, why not spend considerable time completing my armchair exercises using your Z Force and then let me know whether this has improved your game around the net. I am a fairly powerful player so i dont need a racket that helps to produce extra power and i can also counter attack and use my opponents pace of shots so i am looking for a racket that is good in all areas but mainly focuses on speed.

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