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Unlike other regional films, it not only received national distribution, it also had some foreign sales. Thorne Sherman is the captain of a small supply boat sent to bring provisions to a lab on an isolated island. The Killer Shrews is a 1959 American science fiction/horror film directed by Ray Kellogg and written by Jay Simms. Can you pick the reply that follows the line from the MST3K riff of The Killer Shrews? Previous. Rook: Gotcha, captain. | Thorne: Now that's a rather strange setup, wouldn't you say? Thorne: Look, Ann, brooding about it's not going to do any good. Don't think I'm not grateful for your hospitality, I am... Ann [to Thorne]: Have you ever heard of a shrew? Goofs Cookies help us deliver our services. History Talk (0) Share. Goofs Crazy Credits Killer Shrews This is Ken Cosentino's fourth feature film as director. Shrew Take the Quiz: 1950s Creature Features. The Killer Shrews possesses the following powers and abilities: Most of the Killer Shrews survive to the end of the film and are left to their own devices on the island. The other feature was. This page was last edited on 11 September 2017, at 20:40. This is Jonathan Rogers' first film as an actor. The film was brought from concept to production in just two weeks, though it took 2 years to edit and release. Season 4, Episode 7. builds a portable tank out of empty oil drums,, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license, Ironically enough, they throw out the fact that the shrew has a poisonous bite; instead, they say the venom comes from poisons they've set out as bait that they've adapted into their systems. Thorne: Oh, nothing much. This low budget feature is still regarded as one of the most successful "regional films." | [hands Rook his binoculars]. The Killers « Trivia » The Killing; Show Spoilers . Unfortunately for the humans, the rains are weakening the house's adobe walls, allowing the Killer Shrews to burrow their way in. The pygmy shrew is the smallest mammal in North America and the second-smallest in the entire world. The length of time between the original film's release and the sequel's release (over 54 years) is one of the longest between film sequels in history. How could you expose Ann to that? Craigis [about Radford] He's... he's dead. After unsuccessfully raising funds for a much more commercial film, White Lion Studios decided to take what they had left, which wasn't much, and create a splatstick remake of The Killer Shrews (1959). He, his Love Interest and her father the lead scientist all escape to the beach in this tank and finally ditch into the ocean and swim out to Thorne's boat (now safe, since shrews can't swim); but the last lab assistant panics and refuses to join them in their escape, and so gets hisself et. Radford [during autopsy]: Extremely high poison count in the shrew's saliva. The wider shots used dogs made up as the shrews. Match the actor with the 1950s Creature Feature he starred in. Jerry just tried to kill me twice in the last five minutes. [chord]. The Killer Shrews (1959) - Trivia - IMDb Showing all 18 items Close-ups of the giant shrews were filmed using hand puppets. Connections trivia . Index. Trivia. Honestly, being. Shrews are small mammals with cylindrical bodies, short and slender limbs, and clawed digits. Craigis: Will you join us for a cocktail? Share. I'd be glad to accept. Craigis: This is practical research. Type Jerry [to Mario]: That's why I keep thinking about you and me. The shrews are left trapped on the island, where it is assumed they will eventually starve and die off. Quotes The Killer Shrews/Trivia < The Killer Shrews. For the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode see here. The only dog to appear in the film, Masen, was tragically struck and killed by a vehicle months after his scene was shot; in an incident unrelated to the production. In other scenes, the shrews are evidently rat puppets. Thorne: You have that gun pointed at me? 206 posts Page 7 of 11. "Looks like a rat, smells like a skunk - some call them bone-eaters.". Some of the movies have since been remade but this quiz is about the 1950s original versions. Bruce Davison took the role of Jerry. | This was the film's first festival showing. The filmmakers were inspired heavily by the Killer Shrews episode of MST3k. Also see The Unintelligible. Connections Much Natter and beating around the bush ensues, until finally the truth comes out: The scientists have been performing experiments on overpopulation by genetically engineering shrews which grow to the size of sheep dogs, eat incessantly and breed profusely. Accidentally Correct Writing: It was later verified some, if not almost all, species of shrew are indeed venomous. For the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode see here. Shot at Cielo Ranch, a 100-acre estate on the shore of Lake Lewisville (just North of Dallas, Texas) which was owned by star/producer. | Realizing they can't stay in the house because the shrews are getting in, but can't go out of the house because the shrews are out there, Thorne gets creative and builds a portable tank out of empty oil drums. The film won 2 awards at the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival: Best WNY Comedy and Best WNY Actress (Elizabeth Houlihan). The reason for this was out of the filmmakers' ingenuity. The Killer Shrews (1959) Rook! | In an attempt to reduce the size of humans in order to reduce their food intake, Dr. Marlowe Cragis accidentally creates a population of gigantic man-eating shrews that continuously grow in size. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Radford: Hematoxic syndrome. Ann: There are 2 or 300 giant shrews out there, monsters weighing between 50 and 100 pounds. This was one of two features produced by an independent company in Texas and intended to be distributed as a double feature. James Best co-wrote the film and reprised his role of Thorne Sherman. "Looks like a rat, smells like a skunk - some call them bone-eaters.". All the trivia you can handle about The Killer Shrews, 1959, directed by Ray Kellogg, with James Best, Ingrid Goude, Ken Curtis, Liana re-enacts the mad scientist disposing of the mutant's body in the furnace using a Beastor action figure. Crazy Credits The film got a sequel in 2012, Return of the Killer Shrews. - trivia … Unfortunately for the humans, the rains are weakening the house's adobe walls, allowing the Killer Shrews to burrow their way in. Size The filmmakers planned to use more "dogs in mops" throughout the movie, but the dogs were not complying. Showing all 11 items. Thorne [about the shrews]: How could you expose your own daughter? Opening credits: All characters and events in this film are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any person living or dead. The wider shots used dogs made up as the shrews. Shrews are considered the 4th most successful mammalian family in the world. A 1959 monster movie starring James "Roscoe P" Best. Thorne: Well, I've never been known to turn down a drink yet. Abilities Craigis [to Thorne]: You have to excuse Radford.

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