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Alfred: The East drawing room, unlock the door, put the tray on the table, lock the door again. Mr. Fox, would you like to nominate? Dr. Jonathan Crane: Bane has no authority here. We used to make up stories about you, man. A child born in this hell. Blind Prisoner: You do not fear death. But on the nights when we had a fire, we felt very rich indeed. [referring to the guy in the Hawaiian shirt sitting at the bar, who we now see is the Congressman from earlier]. My mother named me Talia before she was killed. [in the shadows, Bane suddenly lunges towards Batman and captures him by his throat and throws him into the ground]. [three men are captured and given to a CIA agent who’s looking for Bane] CIA Op: Dr. Pavel, I’m CIA.

Selina Kyle's theme. Bruce Wayne: One man’s tool is another man’s weapon. Foley: I’m sorry I didn’t take you seriously. This is highly irregular, even if his family name is above the door. [a police chopper sweeps nearby, Bruce turns to look at it and then turns back to Selina], [he sees that Selina is gone and says to himself]. Miranda: Actually, this is my party, Mr. Wayne. Sewer Thug #1: It’s the Police Commissioner. Selina: Never steal anything from someone you can’t outrun, kid. The Batman has to come back. Alfred: I am using the truth, Master Wayne.

Bane: We take Gotham from the corrupt! [back outside Blackgate Prison, Bane continues his speech and signals a Tumbler which turns it’s machine gun towards the prison gate]. [at the same time we see Gordon finding the second truck and dropping himself into it and struggling with the cannon mount as he tries to turn it on; back at City Hall Talia continues]. The music heard during the opening logos of the film. The night Dent died, the last confirmed sighting of the Batman. [as Bruce returns to Wayne Manor and tries to get inside, Miranda comes up behind him], [we then see them running in the rain together towards a large window, which Bruce opens and they enter the house]. After being promised to erase her records, Selina agrees to take Batman to Bane, but instead betrays him to a trap. Alfred: Fascinating. [Batman takes out a small mine and gives it to Blake], [Batman walks off, Blake pauses for a moment before throwing the mine making it blast causing a small rubble, Blake turns and shouts].

[Alfred places the key on the tray for Selina to take to Bruce]. Selina: You don’t get to judge me just because you were born in the master bedroom of Wayne Manor.

Foley: No one goes in there till we know what’s down there! Both Gordon and Blake — who has deduced Batman's identity — implore Bruce to return as Batman, but Alfred resigns in a failed attempt to dissuade him. Daggett: You know, I’d like to point out that we have a non-board member here. Alfred: They would if you gave them to them. You betrayed everything you stood for. Him and his men were behind a coup in West Africa that secured mining operations for our friend John Daggett. We’re on it. Alfred: And that’s the problem.

Who for years has been living off the blood and sweat of people less powerful than him. And the remainder is left in its entirety to Alfred J. Pennyworth. [Bruce is sitting beside him wearing the ski mask].

Daggett: Ah, clearly you don’t know much of anything, do you?! You were gone seven years, seven years I waited.

Alfred: You haven’t been down here in a long time.

I told him…I told him you have nothing. None shall interfere, do as you please. The rest is heard during Bane's speech in front of Blackgate Prison. Referenced when Bane tells Batman that he was born in darkness during their first battle.

Two working titles were used for the film: Magnus Rex and Fox Hills Green, the latter particularly for some casting. Sewer Thug #2: The water runs to any one of the outflows. Bruce Wayne: What about all this new stuff? The CD edition of the album contains an exclusive code to unlock three bonus tracks, titled "Bombers Over Ibiza (Junkie XLRemix)", "No Stone Unturned", and "Risen from Darkness".

So you showed up this one day in a cool car, pretty girl on your arm. The dark knight rises 2012 cast. Bane: The shadows betray you, because they belong to me! Fox: Please, I just need to know what I could’ve done to fix it. This music accompanies the last scene of the film, starting from when Batman flies the Bat out into the sea, to the ending moment of Blake rising in the Bat Cave. Blake: What are you doing here?! [the cop turns to his partner as Blake starts walking towards them], [the other cops shoots close to Blake’s feet, but Blake keeps walking]. [first lines; Gordon is giving a speech about Harvey Dent] Commissioner Gordon: I knew Harvey Dent, I was his friend. But I’ll need the EMP cannon-guidance mount from the Bat. I wanna see Bane! Yours. Bruce Wayne: Those pearls do look better on you then they did in my safe. Alfred: You see only one end to your journey. Commissioner Gordon: No leads. Daggett: The ‘Clean Slate’? Written by Blake: That was you in front of the stock exchange, wasn’t it? I praised the madman who tried to murder my own child. Daggett: The ultimate tool for a master thief with a record.

SWAT in Alley: That was a gas explosion, kid. [suddenly we see the Bat fly in and blast the rubble which allows for the trapped police officers to finally escape from underground], [as the trapped cops walk out of the sewers].

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