the big steal (1990 filming locations)

Danny is aghast at the thought of driving around in a car as dorky as a Cedric and, with the promise of a date with Joanna and the need for a Jaguar in a hurry, decides to trade in the old Nissan. The Big Steal grossed $2,351,628 at the box office in Australia. Fiske reluctantly gives in. She is not particularly impressed by cars, but still agrees to his invitation. With Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, William Bendix, Patric Knowles. Ortega lets him go after Fiske, but keeps an eye on him. Spotting Danny admiring a used 1973 XJ6 in the lot, Farkas pounces and uses all his charm, cunning and every used-car salesman trick in the book to convince Danny that this is the car for him. [5], "Kodak/Atlab Cinema Collection - The Big Steal (1990)", The Big Steal at the National Film and Sound Archive, AACTA Award for Best Original Music Score,, All Wikipedia articles written in Australian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 July 2020, at 12:56. It was a proven scheme for Hughes, who, immediately following the arrest, had pushed for another of Mitchum's pictures, Rachel and the Stranger, to be released sooner than was planned in order to capitalize on the headlines. Directed by Don Siegel. Includes songs by Philip Judd and Tim Finn, the Makers, Schnell Fenster, Boom Crash Opera, Mental As Anything, Bang The Drum, the Breaknecks, Big Storm and the Front Lawn. Edit. The couple are captured by Seton's henchmen. The Big Steal Click on the links below to view specific locations for The Big Steal. Menu. Fiske stays one step ahead of the couple, while they are in turn chased by Blake. The Big Steal is a 1949 American black-and-white film noir reteaming Out of the Past stars Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer. His suspicions are confirmed when the real Blake shows up at his office for help. Directed by Nadia Tass. Halliday claims to be Blake (using identification he took from the captain after a brawl.) Yes No. The movie was filmed in Los Angeles and in Tehuacán, Puebla, Mexico. Channel 4 film reviews describes the movie as "Sparkling dialogues, fast-paced chases and the occasional twist make this an at first somewhat confusing but ultimately hugely entertaining film. It is said that RKO owner Howard Hughes saw Mitchum's notoriety surrounding the arrest (the actor already seen as a 'bad boy' in Hollywood) as a positive that would boost attention for a rather low-rent - but perhaps profitable - production. The film won three Australian Film Institute awards. But this is where things start to unravel. "[7], This article is about the 1949 film. When Halliday is knocked down trying to stop Fiske from getting away, he comes to the attention of Police Inspector General Ortega (Ramon Novarro). However, when he starts to leave, Blake shoots him in the back, explaining that his ex-partner, apparently still at large, can take the blame for the missing payroll. U.S. Army lieutenant Duke Halliday (Robert Mitchum) is robbed of a $300,000 payroll by Jim Fiske (Patric Knowles). The Big Steal is a 1990 Australian teen comedy film directed by Nadia Tass starring Ben Mendelsohn, Claudia Karvan and Steve Bisley. When Graham creates a distraction, a fight breaks out, which Graham and Halliday win. When Blake shows up, Halliday is initially relieved to be rescued, until he learns that Blake is actually Fiske's partner in crime. George Raft originally was meant to play the lead but was replaced by Robert Mitchum in the wake of Mitchum's arrest on September 1, 1948 for possession of marijuana. The film won three Australian Film Institute awards. When Halliday's superior, Captain Vincent Blake (William Bendix), suspects him of having taken part in the theft, Halliday has no choice but to pursue Fiske into Mexico. A Jaguar XJ6 and a date with the gorgeous Joanna Johnson (an early role for then 17-year-old Claudia Karvan). With Ben Mendelsohn, Claudia Karvan, Marshall Napier, Damon Herriman. Get these and his life will be complete. To impress a girl a shy teenaged boy buys a used Jaguar. Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon DVD & Blu-ray Releases Release … Along the way, he runs into Joan Graham (Jane Greer), who is after the $2000 she loaned to her boyfriend, Fiske. The film was originally known as Mark Clark Van Ark. [1], The movie was shot from 6 November to 22 December 1989.[2]. 6 November 1989 - 22 December 1989 See also. The DVD is compatible with all region codes and includes special features such as the original theatrical trailer, Umbrella Entertainment trailers, original cast audition tapes, interviews with Nadia Tass, David Parker, Ben Mendelsohn, Claudia Karvan and Steve Bisley as well as audio commentary by Nadia Tass and David Parker. David Parker was the scriptwriter and cinematographer. His form of transport is his recently received birthday present - and it most certainly is not a Jaguar. "[6], Hal Erickson writing for AllMovie calls the film "tautly directed by Don Siegel, who manages to pack plenty of twists and turns into the film's crowded 71 minutes. The two join forces, though they are not sure at first if they can trust each other. Filming Dates. [4], The Big Steal was released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment in October 2003. The Big Steal is a 1949 American black-and-white film noir reteaming Out of the Past stars Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer. For the 1990 film, see, "Screenplay Info for The Big Steal (1949)", Fade to Black: The Decline of RKO Radio Pictures,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 July 2020, at 21:35. Halliday and Graham track Fiske to an isolated house in the desert, where Fiske is meeting with Seton (John Qualen), a fence who offers Fiske $150,000 in untraceable bills in exchange for the payroll. Interesting? Closer inspection reveals the engines had been swapped after Danny had signed the contract, with a dud motor put in his car. The film was directed by Don Siegel, based on the short story "The Road to Carmichael's" by Richard Wormser. The Big Steal is a 1990 Australian teen comedy film directed by Nadia Tass starring Ben Mendelsohn, Claudia Karvan and Steve Bisley. In his first leading role Ben Mendelsohn plays Danny Clark, a bumbling eighteen-year-old guy. Fiske wants to take Graham with him, but Blake makes it clear that he intends to dispose of both her and Halliday. He heads out to search the car yards to find his dream machine. He knows what it takes to be cool and have some style, it is just that he seems to struggle to get there. The film was directed by Don Siegel, based on the short story "The Road to Carmichael's" by Richard Wormser.[3][4]. The Big Steal (1990) Filming & Production. Halliday then points out to Seton that if Blake gets rid of him too, he can give the stolen money back to the army and keep the $150,000 for himself. Danny is shattered, particularly when he upsets Joanna and she leaves him stranded alone in the empty streets with a broken-down car. home: titles: feature films: The Big Steal. Danny has enthusiasm and passion and only wants two things more than anything in the world. David Parker was the scriptwriter and cinematographer. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Is this interesting? Unfortunately for Danny, when he finally gets the courage up to ask Joanna out, he somehow manages to promise her a ride in his new Jaguar. An army lieutenant accused of robbery pursues the real thief on a frantic chase through Mexico aided by the thief's fiancee. Their 1963 Nissan Cedric has been in the family for years and is immaculate but extremely uncool. His father is not impressed about losing the Cedric, and while out on his long-awaited date with Joanna, the Jag's engine blows up. Realising he has been done-over by the crooked Farkas, Danny and his mates hatch a plan to get revenge over the shonky car salesman and hopefully win back the hand of the lovely Joanna. With the deal done and the Cedric gone, Danny heads home with his new pride and joy. The problem is, Danny does not own a Jaguar. His eccentric parents have decided to pass on their pride and joy to Danny for his use. Melbourne, Vic; Overview; Curator’s notes; Video 3 clips; Principal credits; Find a copy; Make a comment; Map; Add your review; All … There were problems raising the money so Tass and Parker mortgaged their house with ANZ Bank, as they did with their first film. Movies. Showing all 2 items Jump to: Filming Locations (1) Filming Dates (1) Filming Locations. This was done for the film September 18, 1948 and resulted in it becoming one of the biggest hits of the year.[5]. Taking no chances, Seton pulls a gun on Blake. Plot. In a role of pure sleaze, Steve Bisley plays Gordon Farkas, the villainous used car salesman.

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