ten days that shook the world analysis

Ten days that shook the world, A review. Reed’s journalist companions also published books about their experiences of the early days of the revolution: Louise Bryant’s Six Months In Red Russia (1918), Bessie Beatty’s Red Heart Of Russia (1918) and Albert Rhys William’s Through The Russian Revolution (1921). The result is a feast of information and detail for the reader. As such, it gives a rare insight into the real spirit and atmosphere of events on the ground. Reed starts his story here and ends it November 1917 when the Bolsheviks finally assumed power. ... For ten days in the hole, I had nothing to do but hate Strazinsky, the Tower Pig, for putting me there, and to mourn my grandmother, finally to sick to visit." Reed died in 1920, and it is oddly comforting to think that he never lived to see the death of revolutionary democracy under the pressure of civil war, or the puppeteering of its corpse by Stalinism. The former approach was consistent with the Bolsheviks’ organisational practice before 1917, and charted a middle course between the equally unhelpful stances of, on the one hand, a misguided opportunism that sought to wring reforms from a revanchist ruling class, and on the other, a fatalist mentality which would have one wait on the side-lines of history for a “revolutionary moment”. It is a compelling and insightful read. These are imposing tasks that we all very frequently fall short of; the prospect of dethroning the ruling class and instituting genuine human freedom often seems crushingly remote. Take this, from Reed’s drive back into Petrograd in a truck full of Red Guards after a decisive showdown with Kerensky’s forces: “The old workman who drove held the wheel in one hand, while with the other he swept the far-gleaming capital in an exultant gesture. This was the unimaginable penalty inflicted upon the Soviet working class for its bid for freedom. I've blown off exterminator contracts, forsaken new paint jobs, abandoned antique mirrors, oil paintings, ten-speeds, armoires, wedding presents, snow chains, and -unintentionally- my grandfather's gold-handled engraved with his name (Ford 3... At Fort Benning, they embarrassed the sergeants with their outstanding physical fitness: " After two days of such abuse, the sergeants told the C.O. Of course, a large part of our task in this centennial year is to understand the many ways in which the world of today differs from that of 1917. We interviewed Chloe Haralambous and Michalis Poulimas about events on the ground and what they mean for the EU border regime. ... "I will never forget this day for anything in the world for today, was the day I met and shook hands with an American soldier heading to war to protect my freedom. ... Easy Company rode a train back to Mourmelon, France and the men got to shower for the first time in ten weeks! The Covid-19 pandemic is a foretaste of the approaching climate catastrophe. It is a journalistic account, rather than a historian’s reconstruction, of the Bolshevik-led upheaval in late 1917 which replaced the ailing Provisional Government of … The author had the journalist's eye for detail, he collected bits of newspapers and handbills, listened to the talk of the ordinary people on street and crossed lines to learn what was happening on the other side. You have entered an incorrect email address! Remembering John Reed and 'Ten Days that Shook the World' 0 + If you've ever read about the Russian Revolution, you've probably heard of "Ten Days That Shook the World," an intense recount of the socialist movement by John Reed. ... After a while I heard a noise coming from the mini b... And it is through sin that evil in all its forms, becomes a reality in the world. In Camp Mourmelon, the men drank, gambled, relaxed, but most of all, shook off a little bit of their front-line trauma and stress. The world has become accustomed to portrayals of October 1917 as a small-scale coup d’état in which the Bolsheviks simply snatched control of the state’s commanding heights. Siarhei Biareishyk speaks to rs21 about the uprising in Belarus following the falsified re-election of Aliaksandr Lukashenka on 9 August 2020. The book is a primary source of history. His sympathies in 1917 were emphatically with the Bolsheviks, and here and there he undoubtedly took a dash of poetic license when narrating his version of events. Nov. 1, 1987. One of the most important features of his book is his demystification of the myth that the Russian Revolution was a leader-centered movement. Sign In or Register to leave a comment, use the forums and more, Remembering John Reed and 'Ten Days that Shook the World', Venezuela's President Maduro Calls for Unity Ahead of Municipal Polls. He brings all these ingredients together, seasons them with his own imaginative detail and crowns them with a brilliant phrase. Nonetheless, Reed continued to follow revolutionary events in ensuing months, eventually leading to the revolution's October apex. For instance, it is hard to see the relatively small and professional military forces of modern states as being an opportune sector for revolutionary agitation, as was the case with the massive conscript army of Russia a hundred years ago. Reed recounted how Russian leaders, including Vladimir Lenin, rose up organically and were there to serve the will of the people. However, the most noteworthy aspect of the text is in my opinion that of friendship. Upon Further Review: October (Ten Days that Shook the World) (1928) by Williamson Balliet on September 7, 2014. Reed draws you into the heart of red Petrograd in the winter of 1917. That the Bolsheviks were able to maintain a clear and coherent working-class programme amid these hectic fluctuations was the fruit of their long-term aversion to opportunism. But I was not prepared to receive such news, it was the beginning of 2005 and my father seeing that my mother was for several days complaining about a pain in the belly, they both decided to go to the hospital and ask a medical opinion of what could be that pain. Revolutionary reflections | The Anti-Poll Tax Federation: ‘Mob rules’, Revolutionary reflections | The moral economy of the anti-poll tax movement, Review: Martin Monath, A Jewish Resistance Fighter among Nazi soldiers, Back Paul Holmes for UNISON general secretary, Coronavirus credit crunch: fighting the debt disaster, ‘Climate change is a woodchipper into which metaphors are fed’, Autonomous space in Berlin: Liebig34, eviction, and gentrification. The centennial of the October Revolution later this year will be a windfall for booksellers. What the people wanted was peace — to leave World War I, which was making them go hungry.

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