social media awareness for youth

Responsiveness and lively interaction is in danger of being lost in this ‘one click away’ world we now all live in. The Internet is great. It has become a platform for different sources for youth to improve their education. Among the Indian youth 95.7% of the members are connected with the social media. Social media is serving as a source for boosting or building self-confidence in the youth. Teenagers can misuse social media platforms to spread rumors, share videos aimed at destroying reputations and to blackmail others. Required fields are marked *, It’s time to game up your SEO strategies with the latest updates. 7 valuable lessons. The result indicated general information of the respondents indicated that cent percent of the respondents were belongs to 18 to 20 year age group. Being Internet and social media savvy will definitely help you in your later career, but you also do have to have adequate social skills and be able to spell, beyond chat acronyms and obliterating all your excess vowels and consonants! Social media has allowed us to save the majority of our time and utilize it somewhere productive. Social media is serving as a gateway for exchanging information. Sometimes when we read something written on a screen it sounds a certain way in our head, but that is not necessarily how it was intended to sound. It has transformed every single aspect of the human life, the way we interact, the way we do business, the way we receive education everything. The open platform for participation fosters their identity to interact with people that have similar taste and help them to fit in well. Social Media Used for the Noble Causes: 2. The posting on social media updates everyone within seconds. It helps youth to reach out to the professors or future employers or perhaps collaborate with their peers. Importance of Social Media on Youth in Society: Explain the 15+ Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media on Youth in Society: Advantages of Social Media on Youth in Society: 1. By using proven experiments like posting a sign on Facebook with the school’s name and date, then asking it to be shared, shows you and your fellow students how quickly an image can travel across the Internet, and for how long it will remain available for all to see. . Once you prove you are responsible on social media, only then you can have privacy. Parents also need to explain to you all about privacy and social media – so you understand what you are allowing companies to see, and what you may be allowing others to know about you and to explain to you about on-line predators and other known threats. That is not a good thing. 1. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram has positive effect on youth but equally it has negative effects as well. It has become a platform for advertising rather than a communicating one. Michael Hamm, a researcher from the University of Alberta conducted a study that showed the effects of social media on bullying. If cyberbullies breach the terms and conditions of the social media provider, their accounts will be suspended. Social media promotes unethical pictures, video clips and images among youth, anti-religious post and links create hatred among people of different communities, Negative use of social media is deteriorating the relationship among the countries, social media is playing a key role to create political awareness among youth. The development in social media has created a public forum for the people from whom individuals can drive the benefits as well as detriments. Education can be received in the comfort of our home through distance learning or live streaming of classes offered. Is Internet Marketing Important For A New Business? This is a survey type research and here the data was collected through the questionnaire. No need to glance at the newspaper every morning to get updated about current happening. 6 social media contest ideas to generate buzz.

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