serpentine walls uva

The design allows gardeners more control over the sunlight plants receive. Mar 9, 2014 - The Serpentine Walls, only one brick thick, are one of my favorite architectural features at UVa. After seeing this wall at the Shaw Nature Reserve in Missouri pop up in my newsfeed, I went down the rabbithole of serpentine walls and found a lot of notations about the walls Jefferson built at UVA. Photographs usually just show the walls from one angle and I'm trying to figure out how they enclose a space completely. Historic masons and carpenters from Project Services care for the historic brick, steps, serpentine walls, ornate gates, benches, patios and pavilion homes. Jefferson’s original design notes for the wall, housed at the university library, show he calculated the precise number of bricks he could avoid purchasing by opting for the serpentine style of wall. In addition, the UVA Office of the Architect’s landscape architects work with the gardeners to help oversee the planting design of the gardens. Only one brick thick, these curved walls were able to conserve resources, using 25 percent fewer bricks than a straight wall. A crinkle crankle wall, also known as a crinkum crankum, serpentine, ribbon or wavy wall, is an unusual type of garden wall built in a serpentine shape with alternating curves, typically found in the United Kingdom.. A logo for UVA athletics that was unveiled featured a nod to the campus' serpentine walls, which are connected to the university's history with slavery. "After the release of our new logos on April 24th, I was made aware of the negative connotation between the serpentine walls and slavery," Williams said in a statement released by UVA.

UVA changes two new logos to remove negative connotation between serpentine walls and slavery By JOHN SHIFFLETT The Daily Progress Jun 15, 2020 Serpentine walls are a distinguishing characteristic of the architecture of the University and were a part of Jefferson’s original plan for the Academic Village — to create a garden space outlined by the curved walls. Unlike straight walls, serpentine walls can stand tall with only one layer of brick.

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