scary midnight game

What this forgets to mention that if the midnight man gets close to you he induces a hallucination of your greatest fear (which is why most survivors of the game go mad) before he rips your organs out one by one. my candle blew out for almost like 7 times and i panicly lit it up again. Turn off the bathroom light and light the candle. The gist is this: You follow a set of instructions at midnight to awaken a murderous “Midnight Man.” He’ll then chase you around your dark house until 3:33 a.m. Annnnnd, we’re out! Fortune Telling If you stop moving at any time, he will catch you. To play this game you need three friends minimum (the more you are, the funnier and scarier it will be). Your candle will blow out. The candle is your only protection. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Remember when I say these are no child's play, this is serious business. Remain inside the circle until 3:33am. Whatever happens, the Midnight Man will leave at 3:33 AM and, if you are still alive, it is safe to go to sleep. What are the Names of the Disney Princesses? If you want to avoid this scary figure, you should light the candle again in less than 10 seconds. Do not burn yourself or set your house on fire. Light the candle and place it on top of the piece of paper. I ALMOST DIED WHEN I PLAYED THAT FREAKING GAME! ), i found a wrapped paper written in a clumsy hand writting ; “GOOD JOB”. Your email address will not be published. While it was mainly used as a scare tactic to not disobey the gods, there is still a very existent chance of death to those who play the Midnight Game. WHILE I WAS TYPIN THIS COMMENT, I FEEL A PRESENCE WATCHING ME AND I WAS LIKE OH GOD NOT THAT GUY AGAINN. You will hear a low whisper. Just gather all your friends around in a dark room or outside in the darkness of the night and tell the scariest of the stories you can think of. Scariest thing ever. Created in 2007 by ScaryForKids. If your candle goes out, it means the Midnight Man is near you. LITERALLY. You see a humanoid figure in the darkness. As said before in the article, there is no science that says that spirits exist, but some people believe in them and might get very scared. A/N: Hey ..Anyway guys welcome to 'Scary Games' where you'll find the most notoriously evil, paranormal, most scariest games on the planet. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. When you've done that, it is time to turn off all the lights and only carry a candle with you. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS GAME, NO MATTER WHAT. You could be abducted or become possessed. Recently, the game has become popular with kids and teenagers on the internet, who perform the ritual to summon the midnight man. The person that finds the ghost (he/she will carry the card with the name "ghost" written on it) will have to yell "Ghost in the graveyard" to alert the other players. every time i go on this website i feel someone behind me brushing there hand along my skin then i relize its my hair. Step 5: At the stroke of midnight, knock on your front door 22 times. Why Is Fantasy Premier League not Working? To play ghost in the graveyard is best if you have a garden or some kind of outdoor area outside your house. I STAYEDD THERE FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR AND PROB 3:50 I LEFT MY CIRCLE SALT, SHAKING WHEN I WENT BACK TO THE BEDROOM. AROUND 2AM , MY CANDLE HAD TO BE RELIGHTED MORE THAN 6 TIMES! GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS - PARANORMAL RESEARCH CREW. There is a very real chance of death for those who play the Midnight Game and there is an even greater chance that it will drive you insane. Allow the blood to soak in. Step 3: Turn off all the lights in your house and stand at your front door. This game is very intense, as you don't know exactly what you're going to mess with. There are many dangers involved. The purpose of the game is to make the person lying on the floor think that they're super heavy and full with sand. Some professionals familiar with spirituality warn against using a ouija, but there is no real science behind it. 1. Your door must be wooden. How to Do Well in the Fantasy Premier League. This book is only for light reading and entertainment only, so please don't play this thing I don't want you guys to die. ITS NOT A TEST FOR MANLYNESS. Orbs, ΠΕΡΙΕΡΓΗ ΣΚΙΑ ΠΕΡΝΑΕΙ ΜΠΡΟΣΤΑ ΑΠΟ ΚΑΜΕΡΑ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ. Turn off every light in your home. Scary YEEEEESHHH! The Midnight Game is said to be an ancient Pagan ritual that was used as a punishment for those... 2. Thanks for watching! Thanks for the feedback! If you do choose to play, you do so at your own risk. And he will always be watching you, even after the game is over. DO. AROUND THE FIRST 12AM AFTER I INVITED THAT GUY I REGRETTED PLAYINF IT. Now you have the perfect games, make sure everything else is up to standards. Omg you must be crazy to do something like this. Midnight Hour: 7 Paranormal Games to Play in the Dark Tonight 1. 2. Please SUBSCRIBE and remember to Chase Your Dreams! The game will end at 3:33, when the midnight man will disappear. I mean, why would you write yur full name, prick yur finger, light a candle, do everything you have to do, and see what happens?? It is very dangerous. THE MIDNIGHT GAME! Thanks! (IM NOT EVEN FREAKING AURE IF ITS A CIRCLE OR NOT SINCE I WAS DOIN IT IN THE DARK). Light the candle using the matches or lighter and place it on top of the paper. I still had some salt on my hands so I couldn’t itch my eyes. You could catch a fatal disease. This first player who finds the ghost is safe, but the others will have to get back inside the house before the ghost gets them. Continually moving about your home will make it more difficult for him to … This is a scary game that's perfect to play at a slumber party for children or preteens. DO NOT fall asleep during the Midnight Game. I was scared even after reading this, i cant even think of doing it. C: What happens if you turn on all the lights in the middle of the game??? The only way of finding out is playing yourself. + 4. If you are not able to relight the candle fast enough, you must immediately surround yourself with a circle of salt. Remember that in Pagan times few people could write their own names let alone get access to paper. This is a very serious game and some people might find it too frightening. That’s about when my candle went out. Place the paper with your name and blood on it in front of the closed wooden door. Also, make sure that all the participants and specially the person lying in the middle of the circle want to play. These games will surely give you the goose bumps, so be ready! STRANGE SHADOW RECORDED AT CCTV, Torrione Abbandonato frazione di Costanzana Vercelli, Leri Cavour Paese Abbandonato Vercelli Seconda Parte Finale, ANNITA GR - GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS PARANORMAL RESEARCH CREW, ΜΕΤΑΦΥΣΙΚΕΣ ΔΡΑΣΗΡΙΟΤΗΤΕΣ ΣΕ ΙΔΙΩΤΙΚΗ ΚΑΤΟΙΚΙΑ ΣΤΗΝ ΗΛΙΟΥΠΟΛΗ, GHOST SALAMINA GREECE/ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΩΜΕΝΟ ΔΑΣΟΣ ΣΑΛΑΜΙΝΑ / GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΠΕΡΙΕΡΓΗ ΦΩΝΗ ΣΤΟ ΒΙΝΤΕΟ ΑΠΟ ΞΕΝΙΑ /GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΝΙΕΝ/ PARANORMAL RESEARCH CREW/ GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΞΕΝΙΑ ΠΑΡΝΗΘΑ ΕΡΕΥΝΑ 18/11/2012 -GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, HAUNTED SANATORIUM PARNITHA RESEARCH WITH AMERICAN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS-GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΣΑΝΑΤΟΡΙΟ ΜΑΝΑΣ ΒΥΤΙΝΑ ΑΡΚΑΔΙΑΣ-GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΠΡΩΙΝΟ ΜΟΥ MEGA-ΣΑΝΑΤΟΡΙΟ ΠΑΡΝΗΘΑΣ(ΞΕΝΙΑ)-ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΝΕΖΟΣ-PARANORMAL RESEARCH CREW-GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, Σανατόριο-Ξενία Πάρνηθα Μεταφυσικές Έρευνες 2009-2014 Paranormal Research Crew - Greek Ghosthunters, Paranormal Activity in Parnitha Sanatorium With Marija Kotovska MRT TV Skopje, ΣΑΝΑΤΟΡΙΟ ΠΑΡΝΗΘΑΣ ΕΡΕΥΝΑ - GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS ΜΑΖΙ ΜΕ ΤΟ ZOOGLA GR, ΕΡΓΟΣΤΑΣΙΟ ΛΙΠΑΣΜΑΤΩΝ ΔΡΑΠΕΤΣΩΝΑ-HAUNTED FACTORY DRAPETSONA - GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS, ΜΕΤΑΦΥΣΙΚΕΣ ΔΡΑΣΗΡΙΟΤΗΤΕΣ ΚΑΤΟΙΚΙΑ ΝΕΟΣ ΚΟΣΜΟΣ GREEK GHOSTHUNTERS. I RECOMMEND YOU DON’T PLAY THIS TERRIBLE GAME PLEASE IT COSTS LIFE AND YOU NEED BRAVERY. Scissors, a knife, or another sharp edge. It still seems fun though. PROVIAMO IL RITUALE DI MEZZANOTTE ** THE MIDNIGHT GAME **, The Scary Midnight Game / Midnight Man Pagan Ritual. This should be done at exactly 12 o'clock at night to make the liturgy more scary. Also, it is better if you play this game when it is dark outside, it will add more terror! To play the midnight game, you will need: a large candle, a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, a box of matches or a lighter, a continer of salt, a needle or pin and a house with a wooden front door. IT WAS A BIG FAT FAILURE. i started screaming like someone possesed. Prick your finger with the pin and squeeze until a drop of blood appears. The Midnight Game is an ancient pagan ritual that was used in the dark ages to punish those who broke the laws and tradition of the religion. On occasion, we also use cookies to collect information from our toddlers, but that’s a totally different thing. I HAD PANIC ATTACK BUT I QUICKLY WALKED AWAY REALLY FAST AND TRIED TO RELIGHT THE FREAKING CANDLE. Don't play this game if some of your friends truly believe in ghosts. Begin chanting "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary...". They might not be scared at that time but surely, as the night goes by, the scary stories will haunt you all. @ Jane The killer I want to see how can you kill a ghost or demon what already dead. The Three Kings game comes to us from the always unsettling NoSleep Subreddit. Then, that person goes to the center of a room, which will be the cemetery. It will not work. Its a great achievement for someone like me. Though there may be a lot of autosuggestion in them, you should be extremely careful as these games may cause someone to get scared and create an accident or be at risk of some kind of danger due to their state. In this instance, all players are principals; as such, each player must perform the Invitation individually. the picture game u basically can have as many players as u want but u need at lest two to play u just need a camera (somethin to take pictures with) alchol string sciorros and mirriors for each person when u play this u say a hold the hands of the other players sayin I trust you 3 times then the game begins u take a pucture of the person in front of u but before taking it u say "I caught you" and then take the picture u can not look at the picture until an hour later every person only takes 3 pics oo and to set it up u take the alchol and put it in a cup and put a string circle aroun ONLY the cup after the game u cut the string and dump the drink immediately and then wait the hour then look at the pics u r supposed to see things in the pictures u have taken, do u know any information about blue baby, You must go into the restroom by yourself and turn the lights off and repeat baby blue blue baby and put your arms in the position as if your rocking a baby and start to feel a baby getting heavier in your arms then hurry and throw the baby in the toilet and flush it before it’s mother comes, Great list, but some of the games missing here, Scary Games to Play with Friends at a Slumber Party, How to change Formation in Fantasy Premier League. When you've done that, it is time to turn off all the lights and only carry a candle with you. Do not stop moving until 3:33am. That person should do all the movements, make as if they were cutting the person's limbs, filling them with sand and finally sewing them up. If you are successful, continuing moving about your home. The Midnight Game is a game that you can play at home which involves summoning the Midnight Man into your house at midnight! Before starting these games, you will distribute folded paper cards to each one of the players. | The Midnight Man! Do not step outside the circle of salt or the Midnight Man will get you. It must be your full name – first name, middle name and last name. Sorry, only registred users can create playlists. thank you so much sfk for putting this on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to survive 12-3:33 while running away from him and relighting your candle THAT WOULD BE SO COOL . NOT GONNA TRY IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Midnight Game may be played with more than one player. i waited til 3.30, and nothing really happened, but i admit i heard someone coughing, and seriously, it sounds like an old man. You must finish knocking before the clock moves to 12:01 AM.

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