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high treason committed by Heath in 1972 and Major in 1992 shall and must be reversed. Striker Rich Payne reversed roles with winger Jonny Hughes to deliver a teasing cross that the irrepressible Hughes headed wide. This means the Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is reversed when compared to the GameCube game. After some thirty minutes this condition of things is reversed by turning the valves K and K' 90° into the positions shown in dotted lines, when they deflect the incoming gas and air into the right-hand regenerators, so that they may absorb in passing the heat which has just been stored there; thence they pass up through the right-hand uptakes and ports into the working chamber, where as before they mix, burn and heat the charge. 6 This was reversed, on the 8th of June, by 238 votes to 191, after a patient exposition by M. This is, as might be expected, what is found to be the case in all " reversed " Gastropods. 2. (5) With n =1, the jet is reversed in direction, and the profile is the atenary of equal strength. He signed a blank treaty of peace with the Mahrattas, who were still in arms, reversed the action of the Madras government towards the nizam, and concentrated all the resources of Bengal against Hyder Ali. Similar to protein kinases also lipid kinase activity is reversed by lipid phosphatases. When the strong magnetizing field is gradually diminished to zero and then reversed, the needles pass from one stable position of rest to another through a condition of instability; and if the field is once more reversed, so that the cycle is completed, the needles again pass through a condition of instability before a position of stable equilibrium is regained. The two number ones produced a stirring finale as Steve Lewis reversed a 2-1 deficit into a 3-2 win over Ian Conway. Some memorial of this practice is preserved in the present custom of taking off the shoes of the principal persons who, He only comes to my chin; but I look up to him still, and love and. The lines are broadened (as was already known), the intensity of emission is much increased, but some are weakened and some strengthened, nor is the amount of broadening the same for all lines, nor is it always symmetrical, being sometimes greater on the red side; but besides the effect of unsymmetrical broadening, every line is displaced towards the red; different lines again behave differently, and they may be arranged somewhat roughly in a few groups according to their behaviour; reversals are also effected, and the reversed line does not always correspond with the most intense part of the emission line. Now if the cylinder is released, and the components U and V are reversed so as to become the velocity of the cylinder with respect +m /a) 2 - U2 The components of the liquid velocity q, in the direction of the normal of the ellipse n and hyperbola t, are -mJi sh(n--a)cos(r-a),mJ2 ch(n-a) sin (E-a). Examples of Salient in a sentence. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The beat cop pointed to the rear room where they found Ralph hanging from a ceiling water pipe by a thin nylon cord, slowly turning until the twist of the line tightened and reversed his direction. of monarchy; nor did he regard Bonaparte's coup d'etat as revealing the weakness of republics, but rather as revealing the danger of standing armies; he did not look on the war of the coalitions against France as one of mere powers, but as one between forms of government; and though the immediate fruits of the Revolution belied his hopes, as they did those of ardent humanitarians the world over, he saw the broad trend of history, which vindicated his faith that a successful reformation of government in France would insure" a general reformation through Europe, and the resurrection to a new life of their people. Jacques de Vitry and English traveler, Sir John Mandeville, stated that Georgians are called Georgian because they especially, 26. The sentence was, however, subsequently reversed, and Aldred received the pallium and was restored to his former station. Thankfully, Boots did eventually relent to pressure from many quarters and reversed their decision: so two cheers for them. Pronunciation of revered with 4 audio pronunciations, 5 synonyms, 15 translations, 14 sentences and more for revered. , It’s a sad truth that many Americans revere movie stars and sports figures as demi-gods. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. depreciation of the dollar reversed the trend of the late 1990s. A man has a right to be employed, to be trusted, to be loved, to be revered. abroad, Horn reversed the traditional policy of Hats and Sweden by keeping France at a distance and draw- caps. About 125 people were briefly evacuated from a. 3. A simple adaptive control system was designed for constant tension of double stand, 27. According to dAlemberts formulation, the extraneous forces together with the effective forces reversed fulfil the statical conditions of equilibrium. A prime minister in petticoats, she had her political system: reversed the timehonoured alliances of France, appointed or disgraced ministers, directed fleets and armies, concluded treaties, and failed in all her enterprises! The earl of Lancaster's attainder being reversed in 1327, Bradford, with his other property, was restored to his brother and heir, Henry Plantagenet, but again passed to the crown on the accession of Henry IV., through the marriage of John of Gaunt with Blanche, one of the daughters and heirs of Henry Plantagenet. In the oldest microscope by Cherubin d'Orleans the observer receives a pseudoscopic impression in consequence of the reversed image. In the effort to reduce the practice of economy to a fine art he arrived at the conviction that the less labour a man did, over and above the positive demands of necessity, the better for him and for the community at large; he would have had the order of the week reversed - six days of rest for one of labour. Figure 1. For maximum flexibility, the beam can be reversed and used as a traditional beam screed. . the absolute freedom of the derived co-ordinates from the effects of wear of the screws in the mean of measures made in reversed positions of the plate. It wasn’t so long ago that parents taught their children to revere their teachers, but these days it’s hard to find any respect in the classroom. However, he later reversed his loyalties and having joined the Royalists had to flee abroad. They are peculiar in having their altitude dependent on the depth of revived erosion, instead of the amount of faulting, and they are sometimes topographically reversed, in that the revived scarp overlooks a lowland worn on a weak formation in the upheaved fault-block. In 1498 Maximilian reversed the policy of his father Frederick III., and detached this territory, known afterwards as the province of Friesland, from the empire. If the force is always the same at the same distance any apse-line will divide the orbit symmetrically, as is seen by imagining the velocity at the apse to be reversed.

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