partiality in a sentence

Frost showed her partiality towards her smart students by refusing to call on anyone in her class who didn’t have an A. Join our early testers! English words and Examples of Usage use "partiality" in a sentence He possesses a sincere partiality towards reading, watching television, playing sports, playing piano and spending time with his friends.

In contrast with the Schoolmen of the middle ages, he has no partiality for Aristotle.

In both works he was drawn into controversy with Jean le Clerc, who was then writing his Bibliotheque universelle, and who accused him of partiality. In many ways, "respect of persons" is a plainer translation of the Greek, since that is exactly what the apostle is fighting: church members respecting some people over others. Even such thoroughly immoral cultures as that of white slaveholders would seem sufficient to ground the sorts of national partiality she defends. In 1704 St John took office with Harley as secretary at war, thus being brought into intimate relations with Marlborough, by whom he was treated with paternal partiality. 16. partiality. They all are predaceous, powerful creatures, with a partiality for eggs. The partiality of our author for Rubens is very perceptible. Otto's Latin is excellent, and in spite of a slight partiality for the Hohenstaufen, and some minor inaccuracies, the Gesta has been rightly described as a "model of historical composition.". Terms and Conditions. She was resolved against any sort of conversation with him, and turned away with a degree of ill humor which she could not wholly surmount even in speaking to Mr. Bingley, whose blind, From that moment I observed my friend's behavior attentively; and I could then perceive that his, Miss Bennet's astonishment was soon lessened by the strong sisterly, Having been frequently in company with him since her return, agitation was pretty well over; the agitations of formal, Nothing had ever suggested it before, but they felt that there was no other way of accounting for such attentions from such a quarter than by supposing a, She had never perceived, while the regiment was in Hertfordshire, that Lydia had any, ``Colonel Forster did own that he had often suspected some, Notwithstanding the most upright intentions, the unavoidable, Here is Mr. Micawber, with a variety of qualifications, with great talent--I should say, with genius, but that may be the, For, indeed, who is there alive that will not be swayed by his bias and, And the only remedy they found was, to set him to hard work, after which he would infallibly come to himself.” To this I was silent out of, Nor does it unfrequently occur, that Nantucket captains will send a son of such tender age away from them, for a protracted three or four years' voyage in some other ship than their own; so that their first knowledge of a whaleman's career shall be unenervated by any chance display of a father's natural but untimely, The procurator of Iudaea, Ventidius Cumanus, was accused of, Gosselin's edition is valuable for its notes and discussions, but its accuracy was somewhat marred by his, In some applications (especially those concerned with computability of the set "S"), these differences are of little importance, because one is concerned only with the mere existence of some enumeration, and an enumeration according to a liberal definition will generally imply that enumerations satisfying stricter requirements also exist.

She will be flattered that your partiality for her is as warm as ever. Synonyms: bias, favor, nonobjectivity… Antonyms: impartiality, neutrality, objectivity…, This is just a tutorial for using my modding tool for Unity games, called, Another tool we can use to get a better grasp of a term is to see how other translations of a particular Bible verse use it. A bias is simply a partiality I hold toward some expected outcome. Leaning on the bourgeois, conservative, liberal and anti-clerical republicans, they were no more able than was the Thermidor party to re-establish the freedom that had been suspended by revolutionary despotism; they created a ministry of police, interdicted the clubs and popular societies, distracted the press, and with partiality undertook the separation of Church and State voted on the 18th of September 1794. He was regarded as the most careful writer on the war with Hannibal, and one who did not allow himself to be blinded by partiality in considering the evidence of other writers (Cicero, De Oratore, ii. 3. 21 people chose this as the best definition of partiality: Prejudice or bias in favo... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. 56-63) charges him with undue partiality for Cleomenes and unfairness towards Aratus; Plutarch (Aratus, 38), who is of the same opinion, did not hesitate to use him freely in his own biographies of Agis and Cleomenes. Almost every microscopist has had a particular group or type of specimen to which he or she has a special partiality. These demonstrations, however, were the outcome not of any returning partiality for her own family, but of her intense dislike, in which she resembled Queen Elizabeth, of any "successor," "it being a thing I cannot bear to have any successor here though but for a week"; and in spite of some appearances to the contrary, it is certain that religion and political wisdom kept Anne firm to the Protestant succession. Partiality quotes from YourDictionary: How often are we forced to charge fortune with partiality towards the unjust! When living near the coast foxes will, however, visit the shore at low water in search of crabs and whelks; and the old story of the fox and the grapes seems to be founded upon a partiality on the part of the creature for that fruit. Its repertoire includes a range of styles, from Gregorian chant to 20th century works, but with a strong partiality to Finnish music. The ilex, also known as the "holm oak" from its resemblance to the holly, abounds in all the Mediterranean countries, showing a partiality for the sea air. Thus his refusal to sacrifice Polish to Lithuanian or Lithuanian to Polish interests caused both Poles and Lithuanians to accuse the f ar-seeing monarch of partiality and favouritism; while his anti-German policy, on which the future safety of the dual state depended, could only be carried through by the most humiliating concessions to patrician pride and greed. In particular it is clear that the charge of partiality for Rome is unfounded. Edwy, to judge from the disproportionately large numbers of charters issued during his reign, seems to have been weakly lavish in the granting of privileges, and soon the chief men of Mercia and Northumbria were disgusted by his partiality for Wessex. She has a partiality for French cheese. Joseph incurs the ill-will of his brethren because of Israel's partiality or because of his significant dreams. William of Tyre speaks of him as a fine soldier, an able politician, and a good son of the church, and only blames him for partiality to his friends, and a forgetfulness of names and faces, which placed him at a disadvantage and made him too dependent on his immediate intimates. Glance at that couch, and say without any partiality whether you think. They do not represent the opinions of 5. We will be gracious to the needy without partiality, and we must be gracious to the needy without partiality. High quality example sentences with “without partiality” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English 4. 1. You are offline. Causes could be evoked to the tsar himself, " when any partiality of the judges in any affair in which they themselves were interested was discovered" (ib.). His administration of this office at a critical time was marked by his accustomed energy, but unfortunately also by partiality in the letting of government contracts, which brought about his resignation at Lincoln's request in January 1862 and his subsequent censure by the House of Representatives. He died on the 2nd of July 1816, having occupied his latter years in the composition and revision of an autobiography (published in 1817), which, with all its egotism and partiality, is a valuable work, and the chief authority for his life. , The boss’s partiality towards blonds was revealed when he allowed the entry-level blond employee to have the largest office in the building. 3. The quality of light near maximum partiality was changed. 38+1 sentence examples: 1. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. See how your sentence looks with different synonyms. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. That such was the case must not be entirely charged to partiality, still less to deliberate unfairness on the part of William I.

This statement of partiality does not lead to an apology for a new book on the grape.

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