pandora and the flying dutchman restoration

More than anything a heart-on-its-sleeve melodrama, Pandora oozes a sense of romanticism from its lush photography to the sincerity with which is portrays the passion of each central relationship. In 1930, fishermen in the small Spanish port of Esperanza make a grim discovery in their nets, the bodies of a man and a woman. This 4K restoration was completed by the Cohen Film Collection in conjunction with OCS (France), using the photochemical restoration begun by The Film Foundation in 2008. Lovingly restored using Martin Scorsese’s personal 35mm Technicolor print as a color reference, this curio turned classic has never looked so good. In a little Spanish seaport named Esperanza, during the 30s, appears Hendrick van der Zee, the mysterious captain of a yacht (he is the only one aboard). This riff on a Jack London classic is hitting theaters hot off a nearly year-long festival run, and lives up to every ounce of hype. However, this is the Ava Gardner show, a film that not only embraces her genuinely otherworldly beauty and turns it into something that could break the space time continuum. Albert LewinAva GardnerJack CardiffJames MasonPandora and the Flying Dutchman. Restored under the auspices of Martin Scorsese, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman stars Ava Gardner as the siren of a small Spanish town, the type of woman men kill and die for. She s never fallen for anyone until the arrival of the mysterious James Mason, the actual Flying Dutchman condemned to sail the seas until he finds a woman who would die for him. It’s truly a sight to behold. It’s a film that asks its viewers to believe in fated love, and Gardner’s expressive eyes are perfect vessels to help make that task a little easier. It’s a thrilling set piece that’s both gorgeously directed and ultimately heartbreakingly morbid. First Look at Ben Wheatley’s Horror Feature, Listen to Ennio Morricone’s Posthumous Album, Cinematographer Łukasz Żal on Capturing Mortality and Memories in. These scenes are baroquely literalized, embedding within the film a distinct sense of surrealism that bleeds into the production design, everything from entire set pieces to simple chess sets that could be missed if one’s not properly paying attention. Newly restored in 4K with color referencing from Martin Scorsese’s own personal print, this is one of the most jaw-dropping restoration jobs I’ve seen in quite some time. Cohen Media Group is proud to present a new restoration of the timeless romance based on the legend of the Flying Dutchman. Coming to NYC’s Quad Cinema on February 7 followed by LA’s Royal on February 21, we’re pleased to premiere the new trailer which shows off the glorious new restoration, which took more than 700 hours to complete and featured the removal of age-related damage to 177,120 individual frames of the film. Dream-like doesn’t really seem to do this film justice, but with emotions this high and reality seemingly this easy to bend, Pandora does play out as some sort of romance remembered. Not as it was, but how it felt in the moment between those involved. Ava Gardner, one of the most beautiful screen goddesses of all time, plays Pandora, a woman who has never fallen in love. February 7, 2020. The resultant ringing of church bells in the village brings the local police and the resident archaeologist, Geoffrey Fielding (Harold Warrender), to the beach. A film full of heartbreak and death this shouldn’t be all that shocking, but between Lewin’s expressive, energetic direction and Cardiff’s hedonistic photography, the finale is genuinely one of a kind. A film chock-a-block with doomed romances, Pandora is a film of glances and broken hearts, a film made with unending passion yes, but passion that remains bottled within seemingly breaking the reality around each of the players involved. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. Not humorless, the film is quite dour, a brooding tale driven strangely enough by a novel’s worth of narration, that isn’t without ambition. Cardiff’s photography properly pops off the screen here, particularly as the film progresses, with his interiors being warmly lit and ornately decorated, and some night sequences playing out like a surrealist stage play. (Be on the lookout for a chess set designed by Man Ray, who was also the on-set photographer for Ava Gardner). When she meets the dashing but doomed captain Hendrik van der Zee, he pushes her to commit an ultimate act of love. Just about the best cinematic gift one could receive is a new restoration of a Technicolor classic shot by Jack Cardiff (Black Narcissus, The Red Shoes). As the picture progresses, we learn that there’s much more here than meets the eye as Lewin’s surrealist imagery (clearly inspired by his growing friendship with Man Ray) plays opposite the story of a wayward 17th-century seaman who has been cursed with the task of being unable to rest until finding a woman willing to give her life for love. Josh is a critic, a member of the Online Film Critics Society, a wrestling nerd, a hip-hop head, a father, a cinephile and a man looking to make his stamp on the world, one word at a time. Lewin also clearly loved the cast he assembled here. Pandora stars both Ava Gardner and James Mason in the respective titular roles, one an American singer named Pandora Reynolds (Gardner), the other a Dutchman (Mason) who she encounters after swimming out to an enigmatic yacht one evening.

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