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She was encouraged to see a number of folks holding "Black Trans Lives Matter" signs. I know the human body is more complex than a car, but it's a fair comparison, and it just sounds cuckoo doesn't it? Logically this all make sense, right? Links to my programs: me on twitter: me on insta: me on linked in: www.treadthrill.comMove Your Bump: Subscribe to my podcast and leave a review! And I think I read the description of what happened and then I saw maybe five or seven sec— I didn't see very much of it because it's really hard to watch. IMARA: That’s right. And that really struck me, right?

Why is it important that Tony's name be included? That there are really valid reasons why, as a Black trans woman, I am not out on the street and it's very valid that there's so many other people that are showing up in this moment, which I wholeheartedly support. IMARA: I don't think so. And that really got to me. IMARA: And we collectively, as people, as humans have to reckon with that depravity, we have to see it. We're done with the fight for lesbian’s rights. It's actually one of their stated principles. The beating actually starts in the back of the store and then they kind of move in a semicircle to the front, and that front part where she's bent over and people are on her is what's been getting played online. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. There's still going to be a lot of pressure to figure out how Prides are paid for, the money, the security, and then that leads you into a different set of decisions right there. The irony is that two out of the three of the founders — well, first of all, they're all women — and then two out of the three are LGBTQ. KATHY: In the article, Imara writes, "I believe that it will be impossible for anyone to take us seriously when we say, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ until the lives of Black trans women — indeed all women — are seen as equally valuable as the lives of Black cis heterosexual men.".

It is hosted by Kathy Tu and Tobin Low. So don’t bang me on my reviews for unprofessionalism. The waiting month — the waiting time, still, for certain trans surgeries is a year. If this doesn't resonate with you, feel free to skip this episode! You can find Elizabeth April here: IG is here: can find me on instagram, Covid 19 + Q&A with my Husband Max Anderson, Chatting all things with my business partner and husband Max Anderson. It centers on the assault of Iyanna Dior, a Black trans woman who was attacked earlier this month in a convenience store in St. Paul, Minnesota, by a group of Black men.

And I was definitely one of them. IMARA JONES: I have not gone this year for a couple of reasons. NOTE: Just a quick content warning: this episode discusses violence against trans people. What do you think the barriers are to making sure that violence against trans women of color is included in that conversation? Entertaining Insights (formerly Whine At 9) is the podcast that highlights life lessons, laughs, and entertainment.Join host Dr. Nancy Berk and her celebrity and expert guests as they discuss their fascinating journeys and insights. , Resolutions: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life, This is an off the cuff podcast talking about my resolutions this year, what i'm focusing on next year and tips on how to uncover whats holding you back and shift your perspective to get you to your goals and to a happier life. You know, and honestly, like, for a lot of trans people, this is one of the things we talk about — the docu-series is actually going on. Like, just imagine what would happen if you put your car into a "gasoline deficit," didn't fuel it enough, and then tried to drive around all day. IMARA: That the number of people who are entering into transition services and care is exploding to the point where there are serious issues around quality control. By submitting your information, you're agreeing to receive communications We celebrate that we are alive and we restate our demands. Just want to clarify that! And also, beyond Black trans women being excluded from the conversation, we've also seen trans men, like Tony McDade, be excluded as well. Bring on 2020 for team NAF! We also so a fun q&a that has nothing to do with COVID 19. And so I think that the last thing is what we have to return to — that is to say that, like, this year has to be about stating our demands.

I've seen online a lot of people are saying Pride — Pride is canceled, basically. KATHY: Well, so, we're now in June, and typically in the US that's Pride month for us.

In this episode, learn the powerful difference between a business that brings in revenue and the one that is profitable!

Share this on Facebook (Opens in a new window), Share this on Twitter (Opens in a new window), TOBIN: Obviously, we are in this moment of reckoning, where so many people are waking up to what it means to be Black in America. I have already recommended her to my friends and listened to ALLLL the stories available. When I decided that I wanted to write something about it, I went to hang online and I actually found there's an entire 20-minute clip of the entire [A BREATH] affair, as it were. And so I kind of feel that everybody else gets to show up in this moment, right? Um, it had a big impact on trans people in the military and in certain other areas. I'll be picking one winner every week to win one of my digital programs (your choice!).

And I see a lot of discussion about how much to describe violent incidents like these where it can be triggering for people.

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