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He then decides to tell his false side of the story, portraying Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma to be scheming to make a coat out of him.

Daffy’s Southern Exposure: “Hang on to Your Lids, Kids” is also heard, during the chase sequence. It’s one of the reasons why the otherwise mediocre “The Bird Came C.O.D.” is so enjoyable – it’s heard for over a full minute at the start of the cartoon.

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The cartoon originally ended with Bugs and Willoughby, the dog in the short, plummeting endlessly from hole to hole, leaving Bugs and Willoughby's final fate hanging. Both the red and black ant colonies spot it at the same time. Written by Musical program includes the Pizzicato fron “Sylvia”, “Start the Day Right”, and “Keep Cool, Fool”, recorded for Decca by Ella Fitzgerald and her Famous Orchestra (the remnants of the former Chick Webb band after their drummer/leader died), Erskine Hawkins on Bluebird, Les Brown on Okeh with vocal by Doris Day, Jan Savitt on Victor, Raymond Scott on Columbia (for once, playing something he didn’t write), and the Ink Spots on Decca. The musical program includes Brahms’ Lullaby”, “Largo al Factotum” from Rossini’s Barber of Seville, “Frat”, “Jeepers Creepers”, “Aloha Oe”, “Make Love With a Guitar” (recorded by clarinetist Tommy Reynolds (“Your Band of Tomorrow” on Vocalion, Bob Chester on Bluebird, Carlos Molina on Philharmonic, Jan Savitt on Decca, Johnny Messner on Varsity, Horace Heidt on Columbia, Sammy Kaye on Victor, and in England by Harry Roy on Regal Zonophone, and airchecks by Ted Weems with Perry Como on vocal (below) and by Dennis Day), and finally closing the film with Donizetti’s Sextet from Lucia Di Lammermoor.

Stalling re-uses a lot of his score from “Elmer’s Candid Camera” for “Gopher Goofy”, as if still being in B&W, the Looney Tunes are suffering from second-class status more and more, as audiences want color cartoons (and with Avery’s departure, the seeming original 1940-41 season plan to have all four directors share in handling the Looney Tunes goes out the window by the end of the ’41-’42 season, with McCabe as the newest director getting the bulk of the B&W assignments).

Guide Watch. Dedicated To Classic Cartoons: Past, Present & Future, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZGdPdxRSIQ, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfRyZIN_HWw. Bugs is tricked into being the first rabbit shot into space. Unless you’re referring to a different tune, in Porky’s Cafe, when Conrad the Cat’s making pancakes toward the beginning, the tune that’s being played is Gossec’s “Gavotte”, which Stalling often used in his scores, not the Pizzicato from Sylvia. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ada1d25e5b194e93b93421baffe9bc92" );document.getElementById("aa95d1a793").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); James Parten has overcome a congenital visual disability to be acknowledged as an expert on the early history of recorded sound. Some late revivals included the Ames Brothers on Coral, David Rose on MGM, and Steve Gibson and the Red Caps with Damita Jo on ABC Paramount. AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast: Funko Film: Fact or Fake?

“Notes to You” would, of course, be remade as the much better known — and just plain better, in my opinion — “Back Alley Op-Roar”, with Elmer and Sylvester. More training: aerial games (of tic-tac-toe). 2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Unfortunately, the gambling ring has bet everything on the rabbit, and Bugs now looks like a tortoise. They do typical battle with a farmer bent on their extermination. The war features such gags as limburger stink bombs, commando raids on the cake, and a bucket brigade building a sandwich. She was a popular pin-up girl with G.I.s, but her career began to decline after she played a Nazi spy in “The Hour Before the Dawn” (1944). Published by Dell Publishing. Wacky Blackout (7/11//42) – Spot gags on how the home front is being affected by the ongoing war. Songs include “Blow the Man Down”, “A Life On the Ocean Waves”. Who’s Who At the Zoo (2/14/42) – Possibly Norman McCabe’s directorial debut. Ended: Jun 26, 2020.

Any idea why this is? The widow tries to tempt the moth with flame, but honeybee comes to the rescue as a “Bee-19″ (“Confidentially, she stings”). It also extended into the European market with Joe Loss on Regal Zonophone, Fud Candrix in occupied Brussels on Telefunken, and Harry Roy on Parlophone. Cover versions appeared by the Four King Sisters on Bluebird, and Al Donahue on Okeh. Looney Tunes is an American animated series of comedy short films produced by Warner Bros. from 1929 to 1969 during the golden age of American animation, alongside its sister series Merrie Melodies Hobby Horse Laughs (6/6/42) – Spot gags on hobbies, inspired by the “Hobby Lobby” radio program.. Who’s Who at the Zoo: “The Merry Carousel” by Frank Weldon, played during the ice cream gag. In formation, one private has a great deal of trouble remembering what comes after "3"; after he gets it, he decides not to go for the $32 question. Their scouts get into a fight over the first olive, and of course you know, this means war. Wabbit Twouble Bugs is sure that he'll win, because Cecil is a turtle, but Cecil has some tricks up his sleeves, unbeknownst to Bugs. An upset Bugs challenges the slick Cecil Turtle to a race.

Says You, Says I!”, a number from Warner’s feature “Blues in the Night” (below), recorded by Cab Calloway on Okeh and Glenn Miller on Bluebird. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Sylvester tries warning Porky, but he is convinced that Sylvester is a coward. If you place the emphasis on the second syllable — “Smet-AN-a” — it means “sour cream”. Bugs will trick Elmer into thinking day is night, mid-air is safe ground, and his rabbity self is a grizzly bear before Elmer commits an act he'll immediately regret. Porky’s Pastry Pirates (1/17/42), appears to be all original score. Bugs plays every defensive position against the Gashouse Gorillas. A Western omelette of songs includes “Cheyenne”, “Oh, Susannah, “California, Here I Come”, the studio’s original “I Can’t Get a Long Little Dogie” previously used in “A Coy Decoy”, Von Suppe’s “Light Cavalry Overture”, “Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride”, and out of the blue, one of the first uses of the patriotic wartime ditty, “We Did It Before and We Can Do It Again”, recorded commercially by Dick Robertson on Decca, and by Carl Hoff on Okeh (backed on the flip side with another cartoon anthem to be used by a rival studio – You’re a Sap, Mr. Jap). The Big Bad Wolf is put on trial for harassing Little Red Riding Hood. Random gags around military life, set on an army base. Looking for something to watch? (Also, the introduction to “Poet and Peasant” accompanies the musings of the dove of peace.) Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Also, “She Was an Acrobat’s Daughter” plays during the flight sequence. The audience enters Porky's movie theater, with a collection of quick gags: A firefly acting as usher, a kangaroo taking tickets and putting the stubs in her pouch, a chicken buying child tickets for her eggs.

He eventually realizes the error of his ways when he encounters a cabin full of beans – inhabited by a fox and weasel who’d much prefer to have a duck dinner. “Nagasaki”, and a full verse production number of “Java Jive”, a recent hit for the Ink Spots on Decca, also existing as an outtake on a Universal Pictures disc from Abbott and Costello’s “Pardon My Sarong”, and one of their few successes not using their ballad style with falsetto tenor lead. Price: US $30.00. An original song, based on a tune called “A Moth And His Flame”, provides portions of the narration – and other oldies include “Frankie and Johnny”, the “Wedding March”, and “Shortnin’ Bread” (with special lyrics).

It took a while for wartime references to get into the cartoons. Meanwhile, the Merrie Melodies were exceedingly popular, while the Looney Tunes may not have been as popular as they once had been. Looney Tunes, animated short films produced by the Warner Brothers studios beginning in 1930. Bugs will trick Elmer into thinking day is night, mid-air is safe ground, and his rabbity self is a grizzly bear before Elmer commits an act he'll immediately regret.

Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies (1941) #23 - Good: Condition:--not specified. Not a progenitor of the later “Goofy Gophers” series. A series of spot gags about farm life. Notable Looney Tunes characters include Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and Daffy Duck. At the end, the audience is all gone because the skunk managed to sneak in. Notably in that sequence, Professor Blooper is basically Mel Blanc’s regular speaking voice. Shipping: $6.00 Economy Shipping | See details . By the end of that season, there were not only occasional references to the ongoing conflict, but entire cartoons inspired by it. For the record (and no pun intended), James’ “Needle Drop Notes” posts are not designed to be complete cue sheets for each cartoon – but are simply presented to highlight significant tunes heard on the cartoon soundtracks. The animators seem to have slipped one past the censors – read closely the lips of Charlie when he is locked outside the window for a surprising dialogue revelation! Stalling would use it in many other cartoons, especially those featuring the Road Runner.

But the human returns, gathering up everything but one cake. Daffy’s Southern Exposure (5/2/42) – Daffy decides not to fly South for the winter – having seen a calendar with a shapely young thing dressed for a winter festival. Finally, in an elaborate process, a general provides firing instructions to a big gun; when it hits his own building, he says, "I'm a baaad general.".

A $10 bet is between Bugs and Cecil Turtle when they agree to compete in a race against each other. Which Is the Funniest Pair of Looney Tunes Characters? Great use of music on that cartoon, especially the Spike Jones-esque rendition of “Angel in Disguise”. Eatin’ On the Cuff (8/22/42) – A mix of live action and animation, as a stage pianist (actor Leo White – dubbed by Mel Blanc) tells the tale of a moth in love with a honeybee, but in turn being pursued by a Widow Spider (another parody of the man-hungry characters of Brenda and Cobina (Blanche Stewart and Elvia Allman) from Bob Hope’s Pepsodent show). He has a Broadcasting Certificate (Radio Option) from Los Angeles Valley College, class of 1999. One buzzardling is shy and has to be kicked out of the nest. When Yosemite Sam campaigns on a platform including rabbit genocide, Bugs runs against him.

Bugs, the Wolf and bobby-soxer Red chase each other around while Grandma is off working at Lockheed aircraft. With the beginning of the 1941-42 film season, no one could look into the future and see what would happen. Songs: “You Hit My Heart With A Bang” and whistled by Porky, “Are There Any More At Home Like You?”.

Willoughby takes an immediate disliking to Bugs, and he starts to chase him into a lake. A sudden rainstorm floods Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole and puts him in the path of an Evil Scientist and of Rudolph, a beast that is covered in orange fur and shod in sneakers.

Porky’s Midnight Matinee (11/22/41) – The pygmy ant returns, engaging in a backstage chase in a movie house with janitor Porky.

He looks for a way to sneak in. This was truly a great start for the fat Elmer. Was this review helpful to you? A skunk tries to buy a ticket, costing a nickel, but he only has one scent.

Other comment: “Says Who? View production, box office, & company info. Elmer Fudd expects to find "west and wewaxation" during his visit to Jellostone National Park, but he sets up camp in Bugs' backyard, and the rabbit (and a neighboring bear) definitely don't have leisure in mind. The Heckling Hare is a 1941 Looney Tunes cartoon, and the last to be directed by Tex Avery.

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