kerman rug history

After the fall of the Safavid dynasty, carpet weaving began to lose its importance. Master weavers usually signed these carpets; some notable names are Abolghasem Kermani, Gholam Hossein Kermani, Milani, Mohammed Kermani, Ustad Asghar Kermani, and Ustad Hossein Kermani.

It would take approximately three months for the carpets to reach their final destination.

There is no location known as Lavar in Kerman Province. Today Kerman Ghargharehi rugs are considered collector's items and are occasionally found in the antique market and at auction.
Privacy Policy ; Terms They are woven in a fine quality with artistically made designs, such as the Mashahir (historical world leaders) and those seen in the French Gobelins Royal Manufactory tapestries. Typical manufacturing used an asymmetrical knot on cotton foundation, but rare examples include silk or part silk piles, or silk foundations with wool pile. This carpet type was finely woven, and was even made with a silk foundation and a silk pile. And a carpet of 40/80 is 40x40 knots in 49 sq.
This term has caused confusion, since no carpets were made on a commercial workshop scale in the actual town of Kermanshah, which is in northwestern Kurdistan, only by the local Kurd tribes in the hinterlands. The town of Ravar in the Kerman Province made fine carpets with pleasant colorations and designs. Sherkat Farsh, a government-owned and -supervised carpet company, was weaving carpets and rugs in most provinces in Iran, including Kerman.

Kerman Rugs – Since the early 17th century, Kerman carpets (Alt. It should be noted that Kerman Province also produces Afshar tribal rugs and carpets.

These rugs are considered among the finest handmade antique rugs ever woven in Persia. Even now the Botteh (Paisley) patterns that originally were used in shawl cloth are in demand both in Kerman and the other carpet centres of Iran.Kerman was one of the first cities in Iran where many foreign companies installed carpet workshops to supply the needs of the Western markets. Companies such as OCM, Ghazan, and Dilmaghani started using dark blue background coloration with traditional designs. industries of Kerman are textile, wool beating, spinning, wood, The demand for these fine and desirable carpets increased after they where exported to the farthest corners of the world. Kerman carpets (sometimes "Kirman") are one of the traditional classifications of Persian carpets. All rights A Kirman (Kerman) 'Vase Carpet' featured in Sotheby's sale 7845 lot 100 from Southeast Persia: A Mid-17th century in the size of 11'1" x 5' at a record sale price and per square foot basis ($173,232.97 USD per square foot) and a record price of $9.599 Million! In History behind the Kerman Rugs Kerman, located in the desert of South Persia, has been a major center for trading and weaving. Although Ravar is the improper name, some are still labeled as such. most magnificent Kerman rugs belonged to "Prince Roman Sangoshko", ; Advertise After that local merchants took the market He has also noticed, that rugs known in Akbar Gourkani Emperor period (17th century). Once the carpets were completed, however, the weaving companies had the difficult task of transporting them. and more in Systan, but were entered into Europe via Turkey. As each knot is tied over two warp threads, a carpet of 35/70 is 35x35 knots in 49 (7x7) sq. These carpets are held in the collections of respected museums around the world. as Turkish in European markets, have been woven generally in Kerman The Persian (asymmetric) knot is universal. masterpieces of carpet weaving in Safavid era. made it very important.

classified Kerman rugs as the second grade carpet and said, "Yazd Aqa Mohammad Khan attacked and destroyed this city, which was rebuilt belongs to about 500 years ago, which proves the precedence of weaving The sizes measure approximately six feet by four feet. Until recently, in the dyeing factories, these colours were used to dye shawls and carpets.After the Second World War, synthetic dyes found their way into these factories. during this period, in spite of the scarcity of carpets, those available are so fine and of such a good quality that the exquisite taste and remarkable skill of the artists and weavers were evident. Beginning in the 1870s a small production of extremely fine rugs was begun in Kerman.

The rugs made were so fine that it is virtually impossible to count the knots per inch without a magnifying glass. By the second quarter of the twentieth century most were made on a cotton foundation with a wool pile. Skilled artisans use Persian knots in order to create the intricate detail on these masterpieces. Typical manufacturing used an asymmetrical knot on cotton foundation, but rare exampl… stable and strong people. The essay and the articles written by various researchers also contributed to their fame. Carpets produced by local Kerman companies in this era found success with new designs and color palettes.          They were woven using the thinnest warp, called gharghareh, which means "tailoring thread." which are known by the same name throughout the world and are In spite of the spinning factories that exist in this province, the weavers still prefer to use their own hand-spun wool.The wool is glossy but sometimes very soft.Kerman carpets are double-weft with Senneh knots.Once in a while double or false knots can also be found here.In the Kerman carpet there are many varieties of colour. The Americans became fond of carpets with high pile and large flowers. Examples of BIG RUG ART Kerman “Carpet Museum “in Tehran and several major museums around the world are available. [1],, Resources with related material at Wikipedia, Crimson, Begie, Ruby, Copper, Blue, Navy Blue, Pink, Green, Begie, Orange. Another error introduced by some American dealers is the naming of Ravar Kerman rugs Kermanshah for better marketing purposes. Kerman residents before the Reza Shah Pahlavi regime (r. 1925-1941) used their birthplace as a family name. During this period many famous local master weavers, such as Ajdari, Arjomand, and Rashid Farokhi, and manufacturers such as Sherkat Farsh had taken over the majority of the weaving production in the Kerman Province. Floral patterns woven into Kerman carpets are derivative of shawls for which Kerman was also the center of producing in the early to mid- 19th century. their main occupation. These rugs have a dark blue background with an allover Boteh shawl design. Recently, dealers have corrected this mistake and started using the proper original name.

After World War II the French Savonnerie Carpets style of an open field with broken border pattern was created to satisfy demand by the American market.

The carpets would be rolled into bales, then put on camels or other animals, and sent south to the Port of Bandar Abbas, Iran, or the Port of Bombay in India. Second Most expensive Carpet. According This long time carpet weaving center is where the prized Kerman rugs is produced. Kerman was a poor city. Over the centuries it has been the pride of the Kerman people to produce very exquisite weavings.

The carpets were woven with high-grade quality wool with natural dyes and traditional designs. Carpet These carpets were made on a pomegranate-red cochineal field with additional traditional colors for the design elements. export of Kerman rugs to India.

Kerman rugs and carpets are perhaps one of the most recognizable within the antique Persian rug category. The town has been active since the 1870s and was a major production center for companies commissioning carpets. weaving is very old in Kerman.

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