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23. The “core” crimes are genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity (these are also often referred to as “atrocity crimes”). Instead of focusing on customary international law, he tried to clarify the concept of ‘international crimes’ by analysing conventional international law. Instead of relying on the notion that some crimes harm humanity as a whole and should therefore be considered international crimes, some scholars, such as Win-chiat Lee, reverse the justification by looking at legitimate jurisdiction: “Certain harm harms humanity as well in the relevant sense only because it belongs to the legitimate jurisdiction of the international community to suppress and adjudicate such harm done to the individuals.”[27] Hence, international crimes are crimes over which the international community, collectively or individually, can legitimately exercise universal jurisdiction. By analysing the label of ‘international crime’ through the lens of the Rechtsgutstheorie, he aims to distinguish a distinct legal good that is protected by the criminalisation of these crimes. 177-178. International Statistics on Crime and Criminal Justice Steven Malby* Homicide Abstract This chapter presents available data on the crime of intentional homicide – the intentional killing of a person by another. 172, n. 225 of this judgement. It has been proposed in legal literature that a certain crime can develop into a customary international rule of jus cogens if “all the significant components of the international community (…) show that they perceive that principle as aiming to protect an essential common interest and therefore see its breach as indivisibly violating the rights of each and all [emphasis in original].”[29]. International Criminal Law (ICL) is a relatively new and constantly developing branch of public international law. An example of such a distinct legal good could be the notion of humanity, as referred to in the Preamble of the Rome Statute. [23] Cassese (n. 2), p. 26. During the ICC Review Conference in Kampala in 2010, there were several unsuccessful attempts to include other crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC. Cherif Bassiouni took a rather different approach. 8 (1994), p. The identification of a crime as an international crime has often been associated with the concept of universal jurisdiction. With respect to the former category, it is generally accepted that this label is ascribed to genocide, crimes against humanity, the crime of aggression and war crimes. 20 (1985), p. This could mean that these crimes are not to be seen yet as crimes of the same gravity as the four ‘core’ international crimes. In 1947, Wright described a crime against international law as “an act committed with intent to violate a fundamental interest protected by international law or with knowledge that the act will probably violate such an interest, and which may not be adequately punished by the exercise of the normal criminal jurisdiction of any state”, see p. 56 of this article. With regard to the first characteristic, the focus lies on the values that are protected by rules of international law. [27] Win-chiat Lee, ‘International Law and Universal Jurisdiction’, in: Larry May and Zachary Hoskins (eds. Asser Press: The Hague 2010, p. In other words, according to Hiéramente, the label ‘international crime’ is not needed to successfully repress international criminal acts. international crimes, namely genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, and to enable Kenya to co-operate with the International Criminal Court established by the Rome Statute in the performance of its functions PART I – PRELIMINARY 1. [21] He adds to this that “[a] connection to the most important values of the international community is established for all crimes under international law through one common characteristic, the so-called international element: All international crimes presume a context of systematic of large-scale use of force. crimes which violate or threaten fundamental values or interests protected by international law and which are of concern to the international community as a whole; criminal norms emanating from an international treaty or from customary international law, without requiring intermediate provision of domestic law; criminal norms which have direct binding force on individuals and therefore provide for direct individual criminal responsibility; crimes which may be prosecuted before international or domestic criminal courts in accordance with the principle of universal jurisdiction; a treaty provision or a rule of customary international law establishing liability for an act as an international crime binds all (or a great majority of) States and individuals. [6] Werle (n. 4), p. Short title This Act may be cited as the International Crimes Act, 2008. [14] Ibid. advocated for the incorporation of the crime of terrorism, Princeton Principles on Universal Jurisdiction, It is a norm of such a fundamental character that its violation attracts the criminal responsibility of individuals, Individual criminal liability exists at international law, The act is universally recognised as criminal and is considered a grave matter of international concern, i.e., it is recognised under customary law, The enforcement of this norm requires universal jurisdiction because it is not sufficient to leave it to the forum of primary jurisdiction, Such an act endangers international relations (peace and security). [28] Naqvi (n. 16), p. [25] Ibid., p. Features throughout the text are used to equip readers with the tools to consider and assess the current status of the law and encourage critical analysis of the latest debates The final section will provide a short overview of the several crimes. A third way of looking at the concept of international crimes is by focusing on the prosecution of violations using universal jurisdiction as an avenue. Orentlicher, ‘Settling Accounts: The Duty to Prosecute Human Rights Violations of a Prior Regime’, Yale Law Journal, Vol. Barbara Yarnolds has also considered that “[a]n international element raises conduct to an international crimes, if one of two factors is present: first, the conduct must constitute a direct threat to world peace and security; second, the conduct must either “shock the conscience” of the world community or constitute an indirect threat by rising to the level of threatening world peace and security due to the magnitude of the offense.”[17] Also Cassese finds a violation of the values of the international community to be integral to distinguish an international crime from other crimes. I: Sources, Subjects and Contents, 3rd ed., Martinus Nijhoff Publishers: Leiden 2008, p. [13] Moreover, a universal interest in repressing these crimes should exists, in the sense that, subject to certain conditions, alleged perpetrators may in principle be prosecuted and punished by any state. 146 Lemkin’s work was clearly motivated by his personal experience of the war and the Holocaust, including the loss of dozens of family members. As a result. [4] G. Werle, Principles of International Criminal Law, T.M.C. [26] This results in a very different and much longer list of ‘international crimes’ compared to the list of crimes recognized by Cassese, who didn’t recognize piracy, slavery, apartheid and mercenarism – and many others – as international crimes. [20] Ibid. While there is no consensus here either, several attempts have been made by legal scholars to define the key characteristics of international crimes. 38. 31. That latter concept, see Principle 2, para. 31. More than six decades later, it has been generally agreed upon that certain crimes, such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and the crime of aggression are considered to have the status of ‘international crimes’. For instance, the Rome Statute of the ICC (.pdf), in its Preamble, makes reference to “the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole”, which “threaten the peace, security and well-being of the world” and which “deeply shock the conscience of humanity”. He starts by analysing the reference in the Preamble of the Rome Statute to “unimaginable atrocities that deeply shock the conscience of humanity” and asserts that this “indicates that the mere extensive or atrocious nature and gravity of the crime elevates genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes to ‘international crimes’”, see p. 564 of this article. The ICTY concluded in the Čelebići case that “in human rights law the violation of rights which have reached the level of jus cogens, such as torture, may constitute international crimes”, see para. 32. Date. Neither the state implication nor the cruelty and scale can explain how to draw a line between “[…] human rights violations on the one side and international crimes on the other side, the latter forming the nucleus of the most heinous violations of human rights representing the most serious crimes of concern to the international community” [original footnotes omitted]. [21] Werle (n. 12), p. [13] Cassese (n. 2), p. For this reason, he rejects the current legal doctrine in which certain criminalised human rights abuses are singled out as ‘international crimes’. 2. Without choosing one side of the debate, the discussion and definitional controversy of what does or does not constitute an international crime will be addressed in the following section. Second, the norm must be part of the body of international law. Obviously, one can think of their particularly heinous, inhumane character that shocks the conscience of humanity,[11] but there are more possibilities. 134-135. 1, includes piracy, slavery, war crimes, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, genocide and torture. Considering international criminal law as an evolving field, it might not even be possible to establish clear criteria at this moment. International crimes can be divided between the so-called ‘core’ crimes and the more controversial international crimes. In 1991, Orentlichter quoted Dinstein’s views as follows, that “while international crimes typically are grave offenses that “harm fundamental interests of the whole international community,” an offense becomes an international crime only when defined as such by positive international law”. In addition, these offences are often perpetrated against states and are not committed by states or state agents. 90. Many scholars, such as Cassese,[2] Cherif Bassiouni[3] and Werle,[4] have written about the intriguing question: what constitutes an international crime? Asser Press: The Hague 2006, pp. One might say that as a result, there is neither a universally accepted definition of ‘international crimes’, nor have there been general criteria established in order to determine the scope and content of ‘international crimes’. Finally, the concept of jus cogens, or peremptory norms of international law,has also often been mentioned in relation to the determination of international crimes. In the second edition of his book Principles of International Criminal Law, Werle identified three cumulative conditions for an offence to fall within the scope of international criminal law: “First, it must entail individual responsibility and be subject to punishment. The sole anchorage for such a distinct treatment could be the purely hypothetical and thereby abstract peace-threatening nature of these crimes. Despite many efforts, scholars disagree as to the answer to this fundamental question. [12] G. Werle, Principles of International Criminal Law, 2nd edn. Third, the offense must be punishable regardless of whether it has been incorporated into domestic law [original footnote omitted].”[12] Cassese, on the other hand, identifies four cumulative elements.

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