instead of in a sentence

Instead definition is - as a substitute or equivalent. Judy did not answer. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers. When we bought our house, we did our own conveyancing, 12. Il fait trop froid pour y aller à pied, prenons la voiture plutôt. Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts. All he did was touch the clutch while going downhill, The drops have to be small enough to hang in the air, It's conventional wisdom that many people seeing an intriguing headline share the link with friends before or even, Then he brushed his knee-length hair one hundred strokes, braided it, and tied it back with a piece of green ribbon, simply knotting it, His hair had begun to grow back, now slightly shaggy, When the sunrise finally came and Abdullah was no where to be found the other Bedouins would assume that the wolves had taken him, You'll never find me worrying about the placement of cutlery or whether it's permissible to address an older woman by her first name. She acts like we should be treating her like a hero instead of a criminal. Accessed 8 Nov. 2020. In both sentences above, the “if” clause contains a form of the past tense of the verb. Compare: I’ll have a piece of cake instead of cookies, please. I wish Jon would make some constructive proposals. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. Last 10 years Definition of Instead. People dump their refuse in the surrounding woods, 22. These loans are issued by the federal government, That means challenging Scots to better themselves. Instead sentence examples. 24. instead. If only she'd been called 'Camilla' or 'Flavia'. This of course means that all these real dollars, Nordic Cruising sidecuts are now defined by five measurements, They eschew narrative, write in turgid, jargon-ridden prose and concentrate on micro-topics, Then you hear them reading their poems and, Feedlot cattle eagerly trot to the bunk to chow down on a ration made with wheat or barley, Today I made a small mistake when I selected fourth gear. The term ‘but’ connects two parts of a sentence while also setting up a contrast (e.g. It's the sort of story which a humanitarian journalist would cover, The primary motivation behind installing an SSD is its ability to access data in microseconds. We were still playing at war — dropping leaflets, 9. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Because it is in an enterprise zone, taxes on non-food items are 3.5%, 14. But because of miscommunication, we went out to 18 miles, It is only through mutual education that all parties concerned can be assured of communication, A lamp module is similar, but has a triac, The first major difference from a billiard table is that one end is rounded, The HDRA is running an autumn campaign to encourage gardeners to make leafmould, Teachers in Bradford schools could help by teaching their pupils to bin rubbish, A beano player was excited and yelled Bingo, Often Roth and his cohorts exchange short essays, A short clay will not bend well and tends to break, But the soreness in her arms made her mistime the stroke, hitting the thing's upraised sword, When it came to social activities, Ashley organized hikes or walking trips with friends, The ultimate aim of the human evolution is to become ' human ', But they're taking it on their own terms, adding mixers, I would have been shocked if we had because he was using an air gun with an enormous piece of slug, I just think the song trivializes John's death, The trireme had 3 banks of oars, and a full spar deck, Perhaps Ichim would have been better suited running for the president's portfolio, It looks like the site is still being trolled by right-wing reactionaries trying to stir the pot, Maybe it's time to start listening to them, In 1867 a Dr Spencer was acquitted of manslaughter after a medication error in which strychnine was dispensed to a patient, Other things include only using the right amount of water when boiling a kettle and having baths, But I bet the silly old trout just left it in the bank, A slap, like the crack of a whip, made me flinch as if Mum had slapped me, Why doesn't the guy behave like a 45-year-old man, The only major modification he had to make was to eat at home in the evenings, The posterior communicating artery is sometimes joined with the middle cerebral artery.

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