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They are tailored for business travellers or long-distance commuters and are marketed by DB as an alternative to domestic flights. On ICE trains between Amsterdam and Cologne, passengers travelling nationally within the Netherlands (between Amsterdam Centraal and Arnhem Centraal) can use the national OV-chipkaart scheme but have to purchase a supplement. He did not see a shunting signal ordering him to stop. There are currently 259 trainsets in use. In 1993, the ICE line 6's terminus was moved from Hamburg to Berlin (later, in 1998, via the Hanover-Berlin line and the former IC line 3 from Hamburg-Altona via Hannover Hbf–Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe–Fulda–Frankfurt Hbf–Mannheim Hbf–Karlsruhe Hbf–Freiburg Hbf to Basel SBB was upgraded to ICE standards as a replacement). Originally, the ICE 1 interior was designed in pastel tones with an emphasis on mint, following the DB colour scheme of the day. The line most heavily utilised by ICE trains is the Mannheim–Frankfurt railway between Frankfurt and Mannheim due to the bundling of many ICE lines in that region. In January 2010, the European railway network was opened to a liberalisation intended to allow greater competition. All ICE 1 and ICE 2 trains are single-voltage 15 kV AC, which restricts their radius of operation largely to the German-speaking countries of Europe.
Explore Germany and its neighbouring countries with ICE connections.

[49], On 5 October 2006, the Deutsche Post AG released a series of stamps, among them a stamp picturing an ICE 3, at 55+25 euro cents. The accident, in which no-one was hurt, caused DB to recall its newest ICEs as a safety measure. has changed and we still have your recent booking details. Until December 2006, a morning Sprinter service ran between Frankfurt and Munich (with an intermediate stop at Mannheim), taking 3:25 hours for the journey. See also youth discounts and railcards. Since December 2007 ÖBB and DB offer a bi-hourly connection between Wien Westbf and Frankfurt Hbf. The ICE 1 and ICE 2 units originally had an Orient Red (RAL 3031) stripe, accompanied by a Pastel Violet stripe below (RAL 4009, 26 cm wide). The Eschede disaster was the only accident with fatalities inside the train, but other accidents have resulted in major damage to the trainsets involved. Since the ICE 3 trains are the only ones able to run on the Köln-Frankfurt high-speed line with its 4.0% incline, they are used predominantly on services that utilise this line. ICE 2 trains feature electric sockets at selected seats, ICE 3 and ICE T trains have sockets at nearly every seat. Likewise, the trains running to and from Zurich, Interlaken and Chur, as well as those on the intra-Swiss ICE trains (see above) can be used without any surcharge. To compensate for the shortage of available trains, DSB leased the ICE-TD while the delivery and technical issues with IC4 were being addressed. Two trains could be coupled together. The second generation made its debut in 1996. The ICE 1 fleet saw a major overhaul between 2005 and 2008, supposed to extend the lifetime of the trains by another 15 to 20 years. Browse the extensive menus in our on-board restaurants or get a snack from the bistro car if you're feeling peckish. ICE - travel on board a high-speed train. 19 of the 130 passengers suffered mostly minor injuries, four of them needing hospital treatment. All trains feature a toilet for disabled passengers and wheelchair spaces. [32][33][34][35][36], A test run of an ICE train through the Channel Tunnel took place on 19 October 2010. [citation needed].

[50] The cumulative sum of passengers is roughly 1.25 billion in 2015. The ultra-modern ICE trains are among the most technologically advanced and comfortable trains in Europe.
The ÖBB in Austria also uses two ICE T trainsets (classified as ÖBB Class 4011) between Wien Westbahnhof, Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof and Bregenz (without stops in Germany), although they do not use tilting technology. Trainset 51, travelling as ICE 884 Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen from Munich to Hamburg, derailed at 200 km/h (125 mph), killing 101 people and injuring 88. In late 1998, the Hanover–Berlin high-speed railway was opened as the third high-speed line in Germany, cutting travel time on line 10 (between Berlin and the Ruhr valley) by 2½ hours. Travelling in First-class is a relaxing, comfortable option. Prior to that date, ICE trainsets were used when available and were integrated in the Intercity network and with IC tariffs. Austria's ÖBB purchased three units in 2007, operating them jointly with DB. The first ICE trains were the trainsets of ICE 1 (power cars: Class 401), which came into service in 1989. Starting with the December 2017 schedule change, a new Sprinter line links Berlin main station and Munich main station in less than four hours. The interior of the trains was designed by Jens Peters working for BPR-Design in Stuttgart. However, the Class 605 trains (ICE-TD) experienced many technical issues and unanticipated escalation in operating cost due to the diesel fuel being fully taxed in Germany. Acute defects (e.g. One of the goals of the ICE 2 was to improve load balancing by building smaller train units which could be coupled or detached as needed. On 6 January 2004, ICE TD trainset 1106 caught fire while it was parked at Leipzig. Read more about child and youth passenger ages. The ICE 2 trains have been undergoing the same procedure since 2010. [3][4] Unique safety and security requirements for the tunnel (such as airport-style checks at stations) as well as hold-ups in the production of the Velaro-D trains to be used on the route[19] have delayed these plans. Sleek, swift and very comfortable, the ICE is a reliable choice for business and leisure travel.

On 27 September 2001, trainset 5509 fell off a work platform at the Hof maintenance facility and was written off. The network's main backbone consists of six north–south lines: (Also applies to trains in the opposite directions, taken from 2019 network map). Just like the ICE 2, the ICE 3 and the ICE 3M were developed as short trains (when compared to an ICE 1), and are able to travel in a system where individual units run on different lines, then being coupled to travel together. With speeds up to 300km/h, this is one of the fastest ways to travel between cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne. The ICE 3 trains feature touch screen terminals in some carriages, enabling travellers to print train timetables. There have been several accidents involving ICE trains. The ICE was travelling at a speed of 74 km/h. For the professional wrestler, see. Add a via station to plan more complex journeys and/or to split your journey into separate tickets. It is the highest service category of rail and the flagship train of the German state railway, Deutsche Bahn. Rail Europe uses JavaScript to bring you the best experience. A total of 60 class 411 and 11 class 415 have been built so far (units built after 2004 belong to the modified second generation ICE-T2 batch).

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