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Most modern vending machines do not accept pennies, further diminishing their utility, and the production cost (figured in U.S. [25] In January 2010, the coins were released early in Puerto Rico;[26] this was caused by a shortage of 2009-dated pennies on the island. A typical example, such as an Indian penny in fine grade, has flat areas within the hair and face and above her eye.

[21] As a part of the release ceremony for the last of the 2009 cents on November 12, the design for the 2010 cent was announced. 5  The price of copper on Dec. 10, 2019, was $2.75 a pound. Its reverse was changed in 1959 from a wheat-stalks design to a design which includes the Lincoln Memorial (to commemorate Lincoln's sesquicentennial) and was replaced again in 2009 with four new designs to commemorate Lincoln's bicentennial. 2017 is the only year that Philadelphia cents have had a mintmark.[28]. John P. Dorst MD, Thomas E. Reichelderfer MD, and Roger C. Sanders MA, BM, BCh, MRCP, FRCRP. A half cent with strong rims, readable lettering, and lack of deep marks; despite Liberty's portrait worn to an outline, retains value.

Grading is judging the surfaces and identifying the amount of wear or lack of wear. No formal competition was held. Four different reverse designs in 2009 honored Lincoln's 200th birthday and a new, "permanent" reverse – the Union Shield – was introduced in 2010.

When the Lincoln one-cent coin made its initial appearance in 1909, it marked a radical departure from the accepted styling of United States coinage, as it was the first regular coin to bear a portrait other than the mythical Liberty which appeared on most pre-1909 regular coins. The reverse of some Lincoln cents minted in 1998, 1999, and 2000 in Philadelphia feature a larger-than-normal gap between the first two letters of AMERICA. There are 10 to 12 known to exist. Some of these Wheat pennies are not as common as once believed. p) and the informal name of the American one cent coin (abbr. As of January 21, 2014, a pre-1982 cent contained 2.20325 cents' worth of copper and zinc, making it an attractive target for melting by people wanting to sell the metals for profit. To produce Proof coinage for collectors, the U.S. Mint adopted the French technique of the Matte Proof, which was thought to highlight the design, while leaving the details of the coin as the designer intended. Because the coin was in great demand, and because to make a change would have required halting production, the decision was made to eliminate the initials entirely.

Most major and minor design features are now a flat surface. In mid-1982, the coin's composition was changed again, this time to copper-plated zinc.

This led the Mint to test alternative metals, including aluminum and bronze-clad steel.

The letters "VDB" stamped on the bottom sleeve of Abraham Lincoln represent the initials of Victor David Brenner, the primary designer of the Wheat cent. Wartime brass, 1944–1946. Extremely Fine Grade: Very light wear is noticeable in the Extremely Fine grade.

The purpose of this page is to provide coin valuation data to collectors, investors, the media, and anyone interested learning what the most valuable pennies and one cent coins are.

The composition of the coin was changed again slightly in 1962. (The state quarter for South Dakota, released in 2006, also features Washington on both sides: the typical profile on the obverse, and Washington within Mount Rushmore on the reverse.) [24][22] The new Union Shield design replaces the Lincoln memorial in use since 1959.

This resulted in the mintage of four different coins showing scenes from Abraham Lincoln's life in honor of the bicentennial of his birth. When the Lincoln Cent was introduced in 1909, it was discovered that the coining dies and their curved fields were unable to be polished to proof coining condition by existing Mint equipment. Production of the war-time cent was provided for in an Act of Congress approved on December 18, 1942, which also set as the expiration date of the authority December 31, 1946. Shoppers in Manhattan received these by donating 10 cents; if they donated an extra 5 cents, their cent came in a greeting card holder. Their demand is supporting strong values, high condition examples are avidly sought. Bronze, 1909–1942.

[22] The design chosen was the one that was chosen earlier by the CCAC.

1955 Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny: Doubled-Die Obverse: $16,232: 1873 Indian Head Cent … Since many of these coins sat for decades unsold, vivid colors and toning developed. The same size was maintained, but the weight was reduced from the standard 48 grains (3.1 g) to 42 grains (2.7 g), by using a lighter alloy.

The 2005 act that authorized the redesign for the Bicentennial stated that another redesigned reverse for the Lincoln cent will be minted which "shall bear an image emblematic of President Lincoln's preservation of the United States of America as a single and united country".
Old coins and collections are enjoyed because the eye appeal and aesthetics of each example in the set. Before the coins were issued, however, the initials "VDB" were substituted because officials at the United States Mint felt the name was too prominent. A man at a stamping machine put copper caps on pennies with the head of Lincoln on one side and the inscription ff Morro Castle Fire, September, 1934, Asbury Park" on the other. There was also a design featuring the Lord's prayer. Because the Lincoln Memorial was shown in sufficient detail to discern the statue of Lincoln on the reverse, Abraham Lincoln was at that time the only person to be depicted on both the obverse and reverse of the same United States coin.

Until 1857 it was about the size of the current U.S. dollar coins (Susan B. Anthony through present dollars). To commemorate the Fire at the SS Morro Castle, local coin dealer Louis Werner made copper caps depicting the Morro Castle surrounded by the legend "The Morro Castle Fire" These were then encased over one side of a Lincoln cent. Estimated coin prices and values in our database are updated twice per year. [23] The Mint also noted that a shield was commonly used in paintings in the Capitol hallways painted by Constantino Brumidi, an artist in the Capitol active during the Lincoln Presidency. [38] The same mechanism produced 1972, 1983, 1984, and 1995 Doubled die cents. Bronze, 1947–1962. This was done by a sandblasting of the dies prior to use.

)[48] In fiscal year 2010, each cent cost 1.79 cents to produce and ship. As soon as they came off the press, heart-rending poems and ballads about the fire were hawked about.[29]. [8] Some 1982 pennies used the 97.5% zinc composition, while others used the 95% copper composition. Dealers and collectors identify the different stages of wear separating coins from the most worn to the least and each is assigned a "Grade". These coins, known as the Wide AM variety are valued at $10, $500, and $5, respectively, in gem uncirculated condition. Unencapsulated coins are easily identified by wide, square outer rims, quite unlike the rounded edges of business strikes. How to determine penny values begins with identifying the denomination and series. A few pennies were struck by error in brass dated 1983 and are extremely rare.[36]. Confirm your coin as a half cent by denomination on reverse. © 2010 - 2020 USA Coin Book.

Postcard sellers in the hall disposed of 150,000 pictures of the burning ship during the first few days after the disaster. A short series, serving a specific demand at the time, minted 1864 to 1873. [22] According to the Mint, the 13 stripes on the shield "represent the states joined in one compact union to support the Federal government, represented by the horizontal bar above".

The U.S. Mint's official name for the coin is "cent"[1] and the U.S. Treasury's official name is "one cent piece". Within the different series of copper US coinage are certain qualities setting one coin apart from others. Step 1 image and text links lead to series pages of in-depth coverage. It is not unusual to see vivid blues, greens, lavender, coppery orange, deep reds and purple hues on these coins.

As example; a 1907 Indian penny is available in all grades and affordable.

Accurate recognition of dates also becomes important when separating variety and value. These large numbers of collectors, building collections are putting a heavy demand on the rare dates and better condition coins.

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