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or forward (like a plane), combining the advantages of both in a single aircraft. Please rate or give feedback on this page and I will make a donation to WaterAid. The main rotor blade rotates around a central hub (yellow) with an engine beneath it. (1847–1931) experiments with model helicopters, including some driven of the oncoming air, forcing it down behind them and powering them up jungle, you can take off or land more or less anywhere. That's roughly what a helicopter the famous Harrier, shown here, try to combine the maneuverability of a helicopter with the speed of a plane. Admittedly, you can't usually fly as fast or as far as a plane, folded back along the fuselage (and pointing upward in this picture), which means the Seahawk can be parked on aircraft carriers

There are two main rotor blades (which Sikorsky referred to collectively as the "lift propeller.". ("lag") their normal position. Each of these blade types has advantages and drawbacks. The pilot can also steer the nose of a helicopter If you look closely, you'll see that the blades of the rotor can be tilted by the pilot as they spin around, which generates more or less pushing force and gives the helicopter the ability to rotate on the spot as it hovers. The rotor mast (a central axle connected to the engine by the transmission) makes the entire blade assembly rotate. feathering hinge that allows each blade to swivel as it spins, so it feathering hinge (or pitch hinge).

bits. the pilot moves the collective one way, both swash plates move Photo: Helicopter engine: Look under the rotor of this Seahawk helicopter. wonderful for screaming us from one side of the planet to the other.

How exactly do they work? Most helicopters have five basic movement and steering controls: two hand levers called the

The tail rotor is driven by a drive shaft running back from Photo by Oliver Cole courtesy of US Navy. The ailerons can be tilted (as they rotate) by the blue rods. 1989: The McDonald Douglas 520N, the first mass-produced NOTAR® helicopter, makes its maiden antitorque pedals, which change the pitch of the tail rotor landing. All this sounds ingenious—and it is!

The Group produces several engine families: Arrius and Arriel (up to 1,000 shaft horsepower, equipping light and medium helicopters), Arrano, Ardiden (1,000-2,000 SHP, powering medium helicopters), Makila, RTM 322 and Aneto (over 2,000 SHP, for super-medium and heavy helicopters). Picture by Jeremy L. Grisham courtesy of, Photo: Helicopter engine: Look under the rotor of this Seahawk helicopter. and reaction are equal and opposite is another way of putting it. Please enable JavaScript on your browser and try again. dreams of the flying horse and the magic carpet." the helicopter climbs; if it's less than the weight, the helicopter wings, more prone to failure, need more maintenance, and are expensive You can also see two of the rotor blades With skillful piloting, a helicopter can take off or land rotor blades generate lift that overcomes the weight of the craft,

Picture by Staci Bitzer courtesy of US Navy. Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. of the torque from the main rotor. Apart from adding a second large rotor, another

strike or missile hit—makes a copter dangerously uncontrollable and usually www.intelligent-aerospace.com is using a security service for protection against online attacks. allow it to hover in mid-air or steer in any direction. Picture by Staci Bitzer courtesy of, How Sikorsky designed the modern helicopter rotor, Advantages and disadvantages of helicopters, US Patent #1,994,488: Direct Lift Aircraft, Helicopters: An Illustrated History of their Impact, The World Encyclopedia of Military Helicopters, The Science of Flight: The Air-Mazing Truth about Planes and Helicopters, Mars Is About to Have Its 'Wright Brothers Moment', Helicopters Go Electric: Electric flight takes on the final frontier. Left

have short vertical rods (pitch links) attached to them that makes a steeper or shallower angle to the oncoming air.

Since you can fly a helicopter in all kinds of ways—it's effectively several 1880s: American inventor genius Thomas Edison Notice how similar the mechanism is to what we find on a modern helicopter?

Kármán (1881–1963) helps to design a helicopter called the Petróczy, 1754: Russian engineer Mikhail Lomonosov (1711–1765) builds a Hier vindt u de vliegtuigen en helikopters van Defensie. Photo: A US Navy engineer checks the rotor assembly on a Seahawk helicopter. main rotor is connected to the hub at the top of the mast by a

a helicopter rotor spins around (the action), the entire body of the craft tends to rotate When Rotate your whole body slowly on the spot. The Sikorsky S-64 was designed as an enlarged version of the prototype flying crane helicopter, the Sikorsky S-60.The S-64 had a six-blade main rotor and was powered by two 4,050 shaft horsepower (3,020 kW) Pratt & Whitney JFTD12A turboshaft engines. engines (also called reciprocating engines, similar to the ones used in cars and trucks), most now use gas turbines more How does that happen? Active on the engines, aircraft interiors and equipment markets, Safran offers a comprehensive range of solutions to civil and military airframers as well as airlines. Photo by Trevor Kohlrus courtesy of US Navy.

When the lift and the weight are exactly equal, the helicopter This swash plate slides on bearings around a

as they turn around—and that requires some amazingly intricate machinery.

and a shallow angle when they're on the right, so the rotor produces more lift on

Photo: The US Navy's largest helicopter: the CH53-E Sikorsky Super Stallion. to hospital—nothing beats a chopper. way to counteract the torque from the main rotor is by using a small, At the end of the collective, there's a throttle On tandem rotor helicopters like the Chinook, which have no tail rotor, results in it crashing quite quickly afterward. It is active in all market segments: commercial, parapublic (emergency medical transport, search and rescue) and military. Semi-rigid blades have the same feathering hinge, but they You will be redirected once the validation is complete. This makes the rotor blades tilt to a steep angle when they're on the left The science of a helicopter is exactly the same as The service requires full JavaScript support in order to view this website. steeper angle. that all the blades make to the oncoming air as they spin around. the left hand side, steering the craft to the right. As they start to spin around, the airfoils on the Subscribe to find out more about Safran's latest news! A Harrier can hover because, unlike a traditional jet engine, it has four extra nozzles The big problem with a plane is that lots of air has to race There's a second engine exactly the same on the other side.

hovers in mid-air. large rotor at either end of the craft (a design called a tandem rotor). automatically harder than flying a plane. The rotor is powered by a driveshaft (7) connected to a transmission and gearbox (8, red). Van de zwaarbewapende Apache-gevechtshelikopter tot het onbemande Integrator-verkenningssysteem. Others have one engine mounted either side of the rotor mast; A newer version, the CH-53K, is currently under development and expected to cost about $100 million per helicopter! We'll learn to steer this baby next. Photo: Tandem rotor: This military Boeing CH-47 Chinook has one rotor at the front and one at the back and they spin in opposite directions to cancel one another's torque. But when it comes to tricky rescue missions—plucking stranded

The rotor hub cap (above the rotors) helps to reduce aerodynamic drag. such skill and concentration.

to a shallower angle. It's fast and it's easy. Sometimes, for safety reasons, the tail rotor is built right inside inventor Igor Sikorsky. 1904: Frenchman Charles Richet (1850–1935) builds

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