fortune sentence

You can either get hurt, or you can make a fortune. Here are some examples.
| To presage; to tell the fortune of. 5. 1. Sentences. , The goldminer made his fortune by searching for precious metals in California.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. However, their quick wits and intelligence often brings them through, and they may make a fortune from nothing. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. fortune in a sentence: fortune meaning in Hindi. The Frenchmen however discording with the English, departed and left Captain Morgan and his countrymen to seek, Here the secret of American hegemony has lain rather in formulaic abstraction, the basis for the, I do tend to rule out France and Germany precisely because their systems cost a, For example, the Fortune Cookie ice cream includes bits of, Whack them in the microwave for a few seconds, douse them in cream and pretend you're paying a, The room was brightly lit, dealers sat at the card tables and the wheel of, A member of the equestrian order, he had made a, Throughout that career, he has shown such genius for dividing opinion and pouring lemon into wounds that he has made himself a, Three years on and Europe has come to experience a spectacular reversal of, Ms Bonder, married Mr Kerkorian in August 1999 and signed a pre-nuptial agreement waiving any claim to his, An extoller of the simple, rooted life, he nevertheless accumulated a sizable, The couple raked in millions of dollars but the credit card charges that made their, I now complete my journey in half the time, stress has been replaced with enjoyment and I'm saving a small, Instead, Queen Gertrude seizes the chalice and drinks to her son's good, This weekend many pubs will be decked out in flags and banners and a growing number of councils are spending a small, Particular mention should be made of Mike Kelly, who remains the most principled man it's ever been my good, Anna is a femme fatale looking for a young powerful lover to help her murder her decrepit husband and make off with his, The charity stresses joining the club need not cost a, As soon as you examine the alternative you see what good, He jumps off the table and shouts with glee, thinking about the, In truth, it was more by accident than design but it was a lucky chance which established his fame and, Between 1554 and 1556, when he became the major provisioner of Habsburg troops, he made a second, You display great attention to detail which can be considered good, My fault for being such an eejit as to give a charlatan a, For the first eighteen months of his term, Davis enjoyed great political, He remarked that should some shrewd Yankee set up a grog shop near Mr. Smith's house, he would make his, And, in the spirit of its trashy themes, it has grossed its director a, He was being falsely modest afterward, prattling on about how there was an element of good, He charged that he had personally expropriated the family's property and business interests, which were the foundation of the his multimillion-dollar personal, You've got to feel sorry for the once-proud cybersquatters who bought up huge numbers of domain names hoping to sell them off for a small, The worshipers light incense sticks, kneel before the main altar, make a wish, and shake a bamboo cylinder containing, They dug, demolished, and dismantled The cathedral brick by brick, looking for the leftovers of Escobar's, Washington now found himself unable to even see the lands he was banking on to leave a lasting, His grandfather, alfonso XIII, fled the country during the civil war in 1931 and abandoned his estates and most of his, Without going into too much detail, Mr. Skeffington is the story of an orphaned but popular young New York debutante and her morose brother, who squanders their, That the enemy had not singled Winfred out to be easy prey was nothing short of pure, The product of zero multiplied by a debt or, Requests for the money soon follow, the demands for which increase until the recipients finally realise that there is no, Examples of demeritorious actions might include killing an animal, speaking abusively to another, or fanning the flames of our own jealousy at someone else's good, There was also a Santeria altar, upon which animal entrails had been arrayed in hopes of bringing ill, The rising hip-hop diva has had a lot of good, The payment of salaries is quite often irregular and it is a dog's life for the majority of labourers who go in search of a, Deciding to take a gamble, he packed up and airfreighted much of his stock to New York City, bought a round-trip ticket, and set out to make his, The jovial, comic book dramaturgy, featuring sudden changes of, Now something of a forgotten figure, James was a land surveyor who had made a, Guru Gobind Singh makes it clear that human birth is obtained with great, He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to, During her time she continued to increase her, From 1768 to 1774 number 9 was home to Philip Thicknesse, a soldier of, First there's the nervy Helena who consults a, Happy were it for us all if we bore prosperity as well and wisely as we endure an adverse, The government was offering the company a, Anyway, they are paying me a buttload of money to do this series, and I want to share my good, The cub-reporter cannot make a name for himself unless he is favoured by, Great errors and absurdities many commit for want of a friend to tell them of them, to the great damage both of their fame and, I get dickwad in there wantin' to play wheel of, It would look like a fable to report that this gentleman gives away a great, Ah Ching went to the temple on her behalf on every major festival to kou chim, that is to ask one's, Mei Li ran happily down the hill.

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