everything is going my way

I began practicing meditation and yoga with a yogi who showed up in my life. We have so many things in common. After realizing I was suffering from the perils of being a control freak, I realized I had nothing to lose. I began to see openings and opportunities I never would have found had I kept trying to make things happen. But one day he would drop the bomb—“It’s time to move on.” I heard the excuse, “The timing is not right” so many times that I resented it. I got to know myself better, and I grew immensely. I started big by vowing to let my next relationship be decided for me. I’d always gone after what I wanted. It's ours. Did you hear Alan got the job? Why wasn’t it working now that I was on my own and the timing was right? The content on Tiny Buddha is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. It can still do so, as in The delivery truck went on its way. It’s not possible to have everything the way you want it. 9 Ways to Take Back Your Power, How Motor Learning Can Help You Learn Effectively, 12 Ways for Any Slow Learner to Easily Speed Up Learning, Why Do We Procrastinate? To proceed or unfold in a manner that is beneficial to someone or is in line with their plans or desires. They were studying a book called, “The Quest.” When she told me about it, I said, “That sounds like something I’m on.” It turned up at just the right time—and so did Mary. I started walking for an hour every day with a girlfriend, Mary, who I’d just met in my company’s outplacement program. Too many other variables are involved—primarily what other people want. I was chasing my potential mates away. After all, my track record wasn’t so great. But being honest, I finally had to admit that I was lonely and afraid of being alone. Literally, to move or travel in the same direction as someone else. I viewed this as an opportunity to start over without trying to control—without expectations—with less fear and more faith. It was like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. He said Western students try to grasp in order to achieve stillness in meditation. 15 Simple Ways To Make Self Improvement That Will Change Your Life, How to Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement, 13 Best Happiness Books For Living A Happier Life, How to Deal With Mean People the Smart Way, Why Constant Self-Improvement May Be Bad Sometimes, 5 Keys to Self Improvement That Will Pave a Path to Success, How to Get Your Life Together When You Feel Overwhelmed, If You Think Love Is Always Uncontrollable, You Don’t Understand Love, 10 Reasons Why Growing Up Isn’t As Bad As You Think, Why The Key To Finding True Love Is Self-Love, 10 Ways to Quickly Boost Your Workout Motivation, Why You Have the Fear of Failure (And How to Overcome It), How to Get out of a Rut: 12 Useful Ways to Get Unstuck, How to Write a Letter of Recommendation (With Templates), 27 Best Self Improvement Books to Read No Matter How Old You Are, Why Constant Self-Improvement May Be Bad Sometimes, 5 Keys to Self Improvement That Will Pave a Path to Success, 9 Ways to Prepare for Change and Live Your Dream Life, How to Reinvent Yourself and Change Your Life for the Better, How to Get Motivated to Work and Start Your Day With Positivity, 20 Reasons Why Relationships Fail (And How to Avoid It). I calmed my fears by trying to be conscious that there is peace in the brief moments between our thoughts. I began to follow Deepak Chopra’s advice of “being the observer” of my life. And an old weepin' willer is laughin' at me! I hadn’t been happy with my job anyway, and it felt great knowing I could try something new. This site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/going+your+way. I've got a beautiful feeling. We all have conflicting wants and needs, and our desires are often thwarted when they conflict with what others want. Have you ever wanted something so desperately that you became devastated after many failed attempts to get it? Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. His eyes sparkled the first time we met, and he was genuinely interested to hear as much about my life as I was about his. I still had goals, but I started going with the flow and being open to other possibilities instead of insisting on specific outcomes I thought would make me happy. I became comfortable in my own skin and even grew to love being single. This expression, dating from about 1400, originally alluded to moving on in a particular direction. First, my car breaks down, then I lose the keys to my apartment—nothing's going my way today! If only we realized we could be happier if we open up and tap in to what comes our way while we’re busy making other plans. 2. It was too much pressure for the men in my life. If the court's decision goes our way, we can expect a payout of nearly $2 million. Defeated, I searched further. It took me a while to admit that I might be controlling. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, spread (something) under (someone or something), a pinch and a punch for the first of the month, the webmaster's page for free fun content. I knew he was the type who wanted a commitment from the start. It’s better not to be so emotionally attached to the outcome. Believing in yourself and the potential for things to go your way is powerful and … And instead of hooking up with another boyfriend, I found a group of like-minded friends who made me feel at home. All Rights Reserved. Eastern students tend to allow. That idea took some serious introspection. I felt like I was truly living life instead of holding the reins, hanging on, and being thrown off course emotionally when things didn’t go the way I wanted. 1. It seems to be constantly in the process of change; yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.” ~Timothy Gallwey. Before using the site, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Do what one pleases, especially differing from what others are doing, as in You go your way and I'll go mine, or He always insisted on going his own way. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. 10 Blow Your Mind Surprises You Can Hide In A Cake! We’re lesbians — My GF has bad hygiene and doesn’t care how she looks, Need advice on surviving in an abusive household, Whatever You’re Feeling, It Will Eventually Pass, How to Set Healthy Boundaries and Protect Your Space and Energy, How to Make Sense of the Anxiety That Comes with Being a Parent, How I Found the Courage to Leave an Abusive Relationship, Dear Estranged Adult: You Are Strong and Worthy of Love, 6 Simple Acts to Make the World a Better Place. Oh what a beautiful mornin'. People learn to go after what they want relentlessly, and that’s what I had learned. The breeze is so busy it don't miss a tree. I could envision a life together, and my boyfriend seemed to be on the same track. I was prematurely expecting each relationship to turn into a marriage and acting as if it was a given. 1. There definitely is no way to trust it until you experience it working. I wanted just one thing in my life, and I knew it would make me feel happy and complete. There was a time when I felt this way. I checked in with myself and realized that in each moment I was okay. Have you ever longed for something so deeply that you lost interest in life when it didn’t happen? I could slow down, try to find the best course of action, and focus on how to change—how to be more relaxed by allowing rather than grasping. I had tried to wean myself off of it before, but it didn’t work until I loosened up and started being open to this new way of life—experiencing the possibilities instead of directing things. I’ve watched others go through similar disappointments in life trying to make things happen. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. But it kept eluding me. I learned that often when we feel hopeless and stuck in life, it’s not just that we’re trying too hard, it’s that we’re trying to control things. Grasping pushes away the experience of peace. It's about us. I felt repeatedly heartbroken and cheated. I found them by joining a group Mary told me about. What Is Resilience and Why Is It Important for Success? I had searched for years to find it and thought I deserved it. 9 Psychological Reasons Behind It, 9 Ways To Be Less Clingy In Your Relationship, Useful Chart: Fruits That You Can and Cannot Let Your Dog Eat. Everything's going my way. Many of us are wired to pursue specific outcomes that we believe will give us security. Each time, my boyfriend and I seemed so compatible. How to Tackle Fear and Anxiety Cognitively, Behaviorally, and Spiritually. After searching everywhere for answers, I kept hearing the same messages: This contradicted everything I believed in. I could handle this. Once in a meditation class I attended, the instructor compared his laid back, Eastern students with his Western students. With meditation, allowing is the only approach that works. At this time, I had also been laid off from my job, making things even harder because I viewed my career as the other part of my life that made me complete. Dropping my fear let me experiment with observing what was going on around me and allowing things to unfold. Surprisingly, I was enjoying this experiment. My life changed markedly in a very short time. Later when I was happy with my life, I met my soul mate and husband, Mike, at a singles event. It’s amazing to me how it all turned out. That’s what made me so intense about finding the right mate. It took me a while to admit that I might be controlling. She teaches the many “how to live” concepts of the full yoga path. It took quite awhile for the right relationship to appear, but in the meantime something valuable happened.

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