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Send us a tip using our anonymous form. (SOUNDBITE OF SONG, "MADE UP ENGLISH OCEANS"). Cooley's burst of creativity has only made Hood better: "Pauline Hawkins" soars, and album closer "Grand Canyon" might be the best, and simplest, ballad he's ever written. PATTERSON HOOD: (Singing) Call me your baby. Although the more philosophical Cooley doesn't come up with material as fast as storyteller Hood, on this record, he has half, six solely written songs plus the lead vocal on one of Hood's. Add to My Collection. CHRISTGAU: Meat's just meat and it's all born dying - a powerful, fatalistic image. Meat's just meat, and it's all born dying. Chase Park Transduction Studios, Athens, GA.

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Some is tender, and some is tough. While the album opens with a world-class rocker, Cooley's "Shit Shots Count," which could pass for a Dixie-fried outtake from Exile on Main St., for the most part English Oceans finds the Truckers in a thoughtful, low-key mood, with the guitar firepower dialed back a bit and both writers imagining characters whose lives range from the poignant ("Primer Coat," "When He's Gone") to the bitter ("The Part of Him") to the tragic ("Made Up English Oceans," "When Walter Went Crazy"). I'm going to feel the highway roll. Activewear, die Dich schlanker und schöner macht. English Oceans By. Ocean’s 8 ist eine US-amerikanische Heist-Filmkomödie.Der Film ist ein Ableger mit weiblicher Besetzung und die Fortsetzung der Filme Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s 12 und Ocean’s 13. 8 . That changes with English Oceans, the band's tenth studio album, where Cooley gets co-star status for a change -- he penned six of the album's 13 tunes, and sings lead on Hood's "Til He's Dead or Rises." CHRISTGAU: The Drive-By Truckers could retire tomorrow pretty sure that the South will never spawn a better songwriting band.

COOLEY: (Singing) Pride is what you charge a proud man for half. Der Film wurde am 8. Jetzt Kaufen. Accuracy and availability may vary. AllMusic Rating. Sign up for our newsletter. Much respect, of course, to frontman Patterson Hood, who cranks out his usual smart set of rockers as consistent as Waffle House hash browns. CORNISH: Critic Robert Christgau reviewed the new album from Drive-By Truckers, "English Oceans.". But Cooley has always been the more painstaking melodist and facile singer of the two. The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record. We want to hear from you! Cooley sets the pace with a lead track that's my favorite song of the young year.

Instead of his standard two to four tunes per album, Cooley wrote six out of 13 here – and batted 1.000, moving successfully from bashed-out pop ("Shit Shots Count") to bar-Byrds heartbreakers ("Primer Coat") and honky-tonk piano blues ("Natural Light") that can barely keep on its stool. 'It can go from this chainsaw rock 'n' roll to this very delicate, pretty-sounding stuff,' says Mike Cooley.

Joe Gross Joe Gross Reporter. English Oceans .

Gary Ross hat die Regie übernommen und zusammen mit Olivia Milch das Drehbuch geschrieben. Album Review: 'English Oceans,' By Drive-By Truckers Music critic Robert Christgau says it has been six years since Southern rock band Drive-By Truckers put out a … I'm not yours to keep. Foo Fighters Debut ‘Shame Shame’ on ‘SNL,’ Announce New Album, Tom Morello Mocks Trumpers Dancing to Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name’, Read Ringo Starr’s Tribute to T. Rex’s Marc Bolan for 2020 Rock Hall of Fame Ceremony, Watch Trent Reznor’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Speech for Nine Inch Nails, Hear System of a Down’s First New Music in 15 Years, ‘Protect the Land’ and ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’, Jason Isbell on Getting Sober, Finding the Perfect Rhythm Section, Gary Clark Jr. on New Album: ‘I Was Very Aware of the Sophomore Slump’. But you can fit it on a (unintelligible) and get it stuck like mud and (unintelligible) They'll live it like it's gospel and they'll quote it like it's scripture. That's why this isn't just a major album by a major band but something new. The ringer on this stripped-down rock set is guitarist Mike Cooley.

I won't let you cage me or lock me away. And it's heightened by the beat - an ominous quick-step march. English Oceans, the band's 12th release, is an elegantly balanced and deeply engaged new effort that finds the group refreshed and firing on all cylinders. But it's been six years since the inexhaustible "Brighter Than Creation's Dark" and an unprecedented three since their last album, the slightly subpar "Go-Go Boots." COOLEY: (Singing) Stay up in the darkness. Subtlety has never been this band's biggest selling point, but on English Oceans the Drive-By Truckers show they can pare back their arrangements and create something more atmospheric without stripping their songs of what makes them powerful; Jay Gonzalez's spectral keyboards add a wealth of detail to "Made Up English Oceans" and "Hanging On," and drummer Brad Morgan and bassist Matt Patton are a rhythm section that can rise to any challenge these songs present. ROBERT CHRISTGAU, BYLINE: I confess I had no idea what the title song of the Drive-By Truckers' "English Oceans" was about until I read the press kit. But won't you save me? Read Ringo Starr's Tribute to T. Rex's Marc Bolan for 2020 Rock Hall of Fame Ceremony, The ringer on this stripped-down rock set is guitarist Mike Cooley. Cooley's burst of creativity has only made Hood better: "Pauline Hawkins" soars, and album closer "Grand Canyon" might be the best, and simplest, ballad he's ever written. For years, Mike Cooley has been the George Harrison of the Drive-By Truckers, the guy who contributed two or three fine songs to each DBTs album while frontman Patterson Hood penned the bulk of the band's repertoire. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. CHRISTGAU: "Pauline Hawkins," that song is called, about a woman who thinks "love is like cancer," quote, unquote, but finds sex a solace sometimes.

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