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— David. Lalena Fisher, Claire Moses, Ian Prasad Philbrick and Sanam Yar contributed to The Morning. Jake later followed up with a second note, making a change. Nearly 11 million people watched the premiere of the new season last month. Ever since, people in other countries who favor a more lax approach have held up Sweden as a model. The Kappa Alpha chapter at Southwestern University in Texas. 2. Partly because the number of virus cases is not actually rising as much as the official case numbers suggest. as my colleague Donald G. McNeil Jr. points out, according to a new Times/Siena College poll, is calling on the fraternity to drop its association with Lee, as Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report has written, there aren’t good alternatives in the area, virtual rafting tour through a scenic Alaskan forest. And it imposed the ban on big gatherings, which looks especially smart now. An outpouring of grief over the death of Li Wenliang and tributes to his courage, mixed with seething anger at what can only be described as the system.”, On this week’s episode of “The Argument,” Ross Douthat, Michelle Goldberg and I talked about what the coronavirus says about China. Q. The fact that Sweden is no longer an extreme outlier in new virus cases — even as life there looks more normal than in most places — offers a new opportunity to assess risk. P.S. More than 200 people attended the Barrett celebration. David Leonhardt: A complete list of every time Trump tried to play down the coronavirus Tuesday, March 17, 2020 5:33 AM Updated: Tuesday, March 17, 2020 8:04 AM President Trump announced on Twitter that he was now immune from the virus and could not spread it. But you’ll notice that the red line on the chart — the number of Americans currently hospitalized with virus complications — looks less bad. Just consider how quickly both President Trump and Chris Christie recovered, despite their age and underlying health risks. Daily polling diary: More than 65 percent of U.S. voters favor a government health-insurance plan anyone can buy — the so-called public option that Biden has proposed — according to a new Times/Siena College poll. There should be more openness and transparency.”, My colleague Nicholas Kristof: “Dictators often make poor decisions because they don’t get accurate information: When you squelch independent voices you end up getting just flattery and optimism from those around you. “The best check on a Biden presidency is for Republicans to have a majority in the Senate,” said Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who has trailed his Democratic opponent. Given this, it’s less surprising that Sweden’s recent virus performance looks mediocre rather than horrible. Judge Amy Coney Barrett will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning for the first hearing of her Supreme Court nomination. Several readers have asked me that question, and the answers point to some lessons for fighting the virus. You can reach the team at [email protected] See if you can find today’s pangram above, as well as any other words that are at least four letters long, use only these letters and always use the letter in the middle. “It feels as though I am under anesthesia,” one said. Trump is set to hold a rally tonight in Sanford, Fla., one week after he left the hospital. Senior Chinese officials have told me that they are routinely lied to on trips to meet local officials and must dispatch their drivers and secretaries to assess the truth and gauge the real mood.”, Simon Rabinovitch, of The Economist: “This is a big moment in China. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox. ), “Even before his death, Dr. Li had become a hero to many Chinese after word of his treatment at the hands of the authorities emerged,” The Times’s Chris Buckley wrote from Wuhan. The World Series begins tonight, between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Here’s the sign-up. The statistics on new virus cases that get so much attention are somewhat exaggerating the severity of the current outbreak, because of the rise in testing. A Morning read: The Kappa Alpha fraternity has long embraced the confederate general Robert E. Lee as a “spiritual founder.” Now a Black alumnus is calling on the fraternity to drop its association with Lee. It is not a success story. More widespread testing means that the official numbers are capturing a larger share of new virus cases than earlier this year. With a vaccine at least months away, societies probably need to grapple with how to restart activities while minimizing risk. When diplomats in China and Russia later reported similar symptoms, the response was notably softer, a Times investigation found. Lives Lived: In 1979, Carol Paumgarten opened Steps on Broadway, a dingy one-room dance studio in Manhattan. “We have probably gotten better at finding cases, as testing capacity has increased, and so we can’t directly compare the size of the waves based on case counts alone,” Caitlin Rivers of Johns Hopkins University told me. See you tomorrow. Some counter the criticisms by arguing there aren’t good alternatives in the area. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox. P.S. A coronavirus patient at a hospital in Leganés, Spain, last week. “Half of the venues are plantations,” a former wedding planner told The Times. After a year spent drifting across the top of the world, frozen in sea ice, a German research ship returned home today, ending the largest Arctic science expedition in history. The series received widespread praise, and its creator, Nikole Hannah-Jones, won a Pulitzer Prize for her “sweeping, provocative and personal essay” at the center of the project. Recent Times polls are based on an increasingly Republican group of registered voters — and still show a sizable Biden lead. Here’s the first: ... — David. As for yesterday’s edition of the game, the only pangram — the word that used all seven letters — was adjourn. Richard Avedon, Carmel Snow and Marie-Louise Bousquet in Paris in the late 1940s. In its opening sketch, “Saturday Night Live” spoofed the fly that landed in Vice President Mike Pence’s hair during the debate last week. The country has suffered more than five times as many deaths per capita as neighboring Denmark and about 10 times as many as Finland or Norway. If you are not a subscriber to this newsletter, you can subscribe here. 3. Start off the week with a versatile cabbage salad that breaks up the monotony of your usual greens. By David Leonhardt. Let’s check in on the state of the coronavirus this morning, with help from three charts. The series also received criticism from prominent historians who argued that it contained inaccuracies, like the claim that the American Revolution was in large part an attempt to protect slavery from Britain. Charleston, S.C., is a top destination wedding locale, and many people hold weddings there at former slave plantations. (We also argued about whether Michael Bloomberg has any chance of winning the Democratic nomination.). A woman wore a mask in an effort to protect herself from coronavirus in Guangzhou, China, this week. For more poetry, The Los Angeles Times put together a guide to the American poet Louise Glück, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature last week. AND A. Maureen Dowd interviews and profiles James Murdoch, who quit his father’s company, partly because of political disagreements. Many registered Democrats, especially white Democrats, have long voted Republican without changing their registration. Bolivia’s socialist party won the country’s presidential election. But the virus’s toll has still been horrific — and worse than in many other countries.

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