cute cocktail names

This page is now en route to its destination. 119. Name your signature cocktail after your alma mater's mascot. Rocco– We love short, fun names like this for birds. 79. And while these 10 drinks just so happen to be the brainchildren of talented mixologists and celebrated spirits industry pros around the country, let's be honest: It's their punny names that really make them shine. Don’t forget to include pet portraits on your drink menus! This signature wedding drink name would be a perfect choice for your drink! 81. Please check your inbox to verify your email address. Naming your Drink & Beverage. Kiwi– A good choice for this bird that hails from Australia.
Or you could go with a unisex name that works well for male or female Cockatiels: 86. Halo– Choose to see the bird’s crest as something angelic.

Gabby– For your talkative bird.67. If you’re adding a unique garnish to your signature cocktail, it can inspire the drink’s name, like this “Cotton Candy Rosé”. For example, some names could be: Natural Nectar, Bubble Berry, Drink Dude, Sweet Treat.

My beloved cockatile of 15 years, Dapper Dan, passed away in August.

(But, sadly, not about the absence of Left Eye. They are so pretty. Marrying a Harry Potter fanatic? 65. 54. blushing bride; sweet on you; beachy breeze; forever yours; tickled pink; the big i do; devotion potion; drunk in love will certainly delight your guests. ", 3. Candy– Use this on a sweet bird. Unisex Names. Scampy– This one is kind of fun and playful as well. You can read user suggested ideas and contribute your own suggestions in the comments at the bottom of the page. I no have an amazing six-month old cockatiel named Poppycock who is quite the talker! Megan– You could use this human name for your female bird. If your pets can’t physically attend your wedding, give them a shout-out by naming your signature cocktails after your furry friends. Another name-inspired cocktail—the “Tifftini”! and using your account. (Or go ahead and steal these sips for yourself—we won't mind!). Lemon– For the yellow coloring. Chatterbox– For a talkative bird. 89. Stardust– Named for its yellow coloring. Pompadour– You could take that hair look and name your bird after it. 75. See more ideas about Cocktails, Yummy drinks, Fun drinks. Here are some great names for your make cockatiel: Try these great names for your female Cockatiel too: 41. If the name of this drink isn't enough to sway you, the mix of two types of gin, ginger, lemon and soda is presented in its own special—and very adorable—toucan mug. 101. Speedy– Is your bird quick? Sunshine– The yellow coloring and a cheerful attitude make some birds a Whether inspired by the classic ‘80s flick or simply the drink’s color scheme, the “Pretty in Pink” is a fun signature wedding drink name. 1. Name your signature drinks after your home states! This couple chose "The Starlite" in honor of the bar where they met. You've now added the To-Dos below to your personal list. Widow’s Kiss. Nutty– Your crazy bird needs a crazy name. ), or just peruse our ideas, below.

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