complicated starbucks order meme

Last time i was at the Starbucks a person in front of me start rapping, free flow just like Busta Rhymes. This one time this girl got a venti dirty chai w/ 15 pumps chai i was shook. Like this one person who once encountered an individual who drank 17 shots of espresso...from a single cup. Now that may be the case, but then again, there are people who order some weird stuff. Like, after waiting behind eight people in line, and having plenty of time to think order what sugar-blasted coffee drink you'd like to consume, how do you not know what your order is? This is from a guy at the store I used to work at he used to do this once a week for his free drink, no tip, actually drank it I work on a mobile ordering app and sometimes we have to do crazy shit, lol. It's a luxury to be able to spend that much time deciding how foofy [sic] you want this coffee drink to be.". After hearing this bit of bizarreness, Seinfeld did what he does best: cuts right to the universal truth of what everyone is really thinking after hearing such a strange manner of eating ice-cream: by simply stating, with conviction that people are weird. It could maybe be an app developer doing testing? It seems like every few months, someone with too much time and disposable income tries to create the most expensive Starbucks order ever, but historically, even those haven't been this complicated. is my order too complicated . What's also annoying is that these complex orders are ultimately super wasteful. There’s been worse of course Namely, that he eats the ice cream first and then leaves all of the soaked, pecan bits at the bottom of the pint to consume at the end. If you have a job, you will relate hard to these hilarious workplace memes. No, no, NO, no one gets to order this. No coffee. share. People attempted to understand the logic that these weird-beverage drinking individuals employed when concocting their drinks. "I had a customer order a vanilla bean Frappuccino with one pump of every hot bar syrup we have and a banana. The order started as a Grande Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino (in a Venti cup) and then went totally off the fucking rails. The order started as a Grande Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino (in a Venti cup) and then went totally off the fucking rails, with special requests that ranged from a variety of dairy and non-dairy milks, extra caramel drizzle, coconut flakes and Greek yogurt, to bananas, strawberries, protein powder, and a very specific 34-degree serving temperature. Turned out she was ordering a drink for herself :0. Omg yes. Everyone should stop what they are doing and take a mandatory laugh break. That's a whole lot of 'beetus right there. Some people think that it's not a real order at all, just an application developer trying to put the Starbucks order app through its paces to see if it could handle any order it threw at it, no matter how complicated. "So how are y--" SHWISSSZZZZOIIIIIISSSHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEESSSSSHHHH. In case you were wondering what the original drink looked like that started this whole thread, a fellow barista recreated it just to see what it would look like. so well. thank thank :) (also is it too much sugar lol) 3 comments. This came in a few weeks ago could’ve filled three grande cups with left overs Several Reddit commenters debated whether it was a real order or not, but, as anyone who has been to or worked in an actual Starbucks can attest, there's a good chance that some customer really was this obnoxious-slash-insane. I’m so curious how someone arrives at that number. To give you an idea of just how absurd this drink is, she tweeted a follow-up photo of what it looks like after she just included the requested syrups in the order. "Like, they want to show you just how specific they can get because they know themselves (and, I guess, this industry?) I should know, because every time I go to Blaze pizza I basically put a meat and salad on top of my pie. And come on, don't get fussy about the spelling of your name, Katy-with-a-y, because you're the only person who ordered a tall Reserve anyway. Definitely 15 pumps. People wanted to know if she actually made the drink, and yes, she did follow-through with the stomach churning order. Nov 2, 2020 - Explore Khadijah Battle's board "starbucks memes" on Pinterest. This CAN’T be real. hide. Including placing orders across the country. Did she start with like 10 pumps and keep coming back? Get the latest funniest memes and keep up what is going on in the meme-o-sphere. Source(s): Does 15 Mm! like I thought that was bad. Ack. report. 5 years ago. 5 years ago. Some people think that it's not a real order at all, just an application developer trying to put the Starbucks order app through its paces to see if it could handle any order it threw at it, no matter how complicated. (Lewis tried to cash in all of his rewards for the drink, but ended up having to pay around $6 for it). Me and the owner’s son were trying to figure out the longest way to order lasagna after lots of goofy orders from customers. Via Laughing Meme […] Javarod says: January 14, 2008 at 4:44 pm.

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