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This was partly necessary to meet the uncertain conditions in floating when the distribution of supporting forces was unknown and there were chances of distortion. If you're typically a sucker for great packaging, chances are you'll fall prey right away. Chances are, she will be surrounded by a group of friends when he approaches her. It is mainly due to the meanings. Why are Idioms difficult to understand? 1 WikiHow. He hung up before I had a chance to end the call. I'm not taking chances that mosquitoes or whatever remain. Prevention is key when it comes to mitigating respiratory infections and also lowering the chances that these organisms will spread. By doing this essential touch therapy, you will greatly increase the kittens' chances of survival.

Thus Crack willows are often pollarded to reduce the chances of splitting and to quickly provide more timber. The chances usually are that he will come out alive. Chances are he kills me or sells me back to Rhyn at some great cost.

Gerald Harris says: what are the chances of getting any film or video of john Charles? In a topsy-turvy game, he had four different types of chances and took them all to give Leeds a 4-3 victory.

A baby will receive antibodies through her mom's milk, and breastfeeding your baby will lower her chances of contracting meningitis, diabetes, allergies, respiratory illnesses, obesity, and childhood cancers, such as leukemia. Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! Usually, they create a great hurdle for non-native speakers. Although vodka is the first ingredient you'll probably pick up for the Cosmo, chances are you've already got some in your liquor cabinet. Whether you're blessed with naturally flawless skin or suffer from an irritating condition that demands to be covered up, chances are you stand to gain something from a product that treats the skin with the care and respect it deserves.

An ex gratia payment is one that is given as a favour or gift and not because it is legally necessary . This will eliminate any additional cleanings or chances of spills. Chances are, if you're celebrating New Year's Eve, you'll attend an evening bash and this calls for evening makeup.

What are the chances of the league winners getting a bye in the first KO round? Sentence examples for The chances are low from inspiring English sources exact (6) The chances are low but it is possible that you could still end up with a cold after all these great attempts to avoid it. Chances are neither audience will be too pleased with the results. Download our English Dictionary apps - available for both iOS and Android. You have had two chances to end my life and didn't. Being overweight increases the chances for developing insulin resistance diabetes and kidney disease. However, chances are unless you exhaust every possible retail option, you may need to request a dress to be specially made from a couture shop. However, proper teaching reduced the chances of these side-effects.

Being prepared to show the Court that you meet the criteria for spousal support and proving that you are in financial need may greatly improve your chances. On the other hand, hadn't his 'appointment' this morning to talk to her about last chances been indication enough that he was anxious? chances of survival in the critical first few months back in the wild.

Though it may not be instantly recognized by its name, chances are you may have already tried this revolutionary product. The company adopted a relatively frugal mindset, improving our chances of survival when we hit the inevitable rough spots. hatters boss Mike Newell lamented: âI thought we could have won it after 35 minutes if weâd taken our chances. To accommodate passengers plenty of chances elaborate glyphs of it's the tourism.

Chances are they will carry the right size or can have it ordered for you. This is the British English definition of (the) chances are.View American English definition of (the) chances are.. Change your default dictionary to American English.

The chances of al-Qaeda procuring uranium from India are quite high.

Most of the following cosmetics are beauty basics, and chances are good you may not have to spend a dime to create a Tinkerbell worthy palette. Used properly, NRT has been shown in numerous controlled trials, to double a smokers chances of quitting successfully in the long term.

Chances are there are some accent colors already in place that would look great on the walls. Chances are, if you're throwing a large shower, you won't want to get into anything too elaborate. On this page, you will get in-depth information about all essential English idioms along with their meanings.

But unless you eat dozens of oysters and a few servings of beef every day, chances are you are n't getting enough zinc. This condition presents itself mostly in infants between 0 to 4 months of age, and the chances of SIDS occurring lessen dramatically after 24 months. But suddenly instead of those chances and that genius which hitherto had so consistently led him by an uninterrupted series of successes to the predestined goal, an innumerable sequence of inverse chances occur--from the cold in his head at Borodino to the sparks which set Moscow on fire, and the frosts--and instead of genius, stupidity and immeasurable baseness become evident. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, change horses in the middle of the stream, change horses in the middle of the stream Go to. In addition, the also brings a great sense of fun and mystery about them.

chances are. // Just because my composure sort of slips // The moment that your lips meet mine, // Chances are you think my heart's your Valentine. If you do not qualify for the card on your own, you can increase your chances by getting a co-signer. I do not want to take any chances of these kittens continuing to have worms. Lowes and Home Depot typically hire people who have experience in the area where they work so chances are you will be talking to someone who has actually used a nail gun. The chances of him ever returning were slim to none. topsy-turvy game, he had four different types of chances and took them all to give Leeds a 4-3 victory. 3.

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