breaking the silence soldiers' testimonies

When you return from war, he said, you don’t know who you are: “Who you are is lost.”. When I was there they decided, there was something, they decided there would be no more gates, that they are closing them. “Working with the people” is a nice turn of phrase. Meaning, you couldn’t miss it. Armored Corps 8, 455 battalion (Reserves), Armored Corps reconnaissance Unit, 401st Brigade, Armored Corps reconnaissance Unit, 7th Brigade, Reserves - Mechanized Infantry 8104 battalion, Search and Rescue Brigade (Homefront Command), Israel's Deals With Gulf States Normalize Immorality. In the Hebron Hills, the settlers are the lords and the IDF does their bidding. The response of the IDF spokesman raises fears that in this case too, instead of carrying out a thorough investigation of the worrisome testimonies, the denials will continue”, states the ACRI notice. The testimonies describe the nature of combat the IDF engaged in during the operation, and the wide gap between that reality on the ground and the picture presented to the public by Israeli leadership. A booklet of testimonies from combatants that served in the city between 2005-2007, describing how even during the so-called winding down of the Second Intifada, IDF soldiers were required to exert absolute, daily and practically limitless control over the Palestinian residents of the city. Lorsque j’ai fait mon service militaire, j’ai ressenti un décalage énorme entre ce que je pensais savoir des Territoires palestiniens et la réalité que je voyais de mes yeux. Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran soldiers who have served in the Israeli military since the start of the Second Intifada and have taken it upon themselves to expose the Israeli public to the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories. Destruction of houses “without incrimination”. They reveal the violence and discrimination that have become an inextricable part of life in Hebron, and their impact on the lives of Palestinian residents.

A Feb. 23 screening at the Los Angeles Peace Center included a post-film discussion between Japanese filmmaker and independent journalist Toshikuni Doi and an audience of U.S. veterans and peace activists. An op-ed by Breaking the Silence Executive Director Avner Gvaryahu. We heard the “boom” and we saw people waking up. Source: Breaking the Silence), A Palestinian prisoner held at a paratroops base in the West Bank (photo: Breaking the Silence), A soldier prepared for a "presence" patrol in a Palestinian village with a Casserole, used to create noise in the village. A Jewish American angrily interrupted him, crying out, “You are lying.” Here in Los Angeles, our discussion ended more quietly with the solemn insight of Michael Lindley from Veterans for Peace. When you get discharged you have to run away. For tax deductible donations from Europe please contact [email protected], Thank you for your donation to Breaking the Silence. Meticulous focus on the preservation of combat soldiers’ lives, including issuing strict orders to avoid capture. They talked about it routinely all the time, it’s not some kind of…. The book is divided into four chapters, corresponding to the four code-words given to IDF operational modes in the West Bank, “separation,” “fabric of life,” law-enforcement” and “prevention”. He is basically a civilian, and he’s telling the army what the laws are.

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