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What Is The Difference Between “Equality” And “Equity”? Vaux was pardoned in 1820, remaining in Australia for several years. It’s often used in affectionate deprecation; you might call a friend “a big galoot.” But most people would be surprised to find that the word has an origin in Royal Navy slang and that it is associated with a man who is perhaps the most colorful lexicographer in history.

Detail of Bayeux Tapestry: William at the battle of Hastings. Clue: Big galoot. Vaux undoubtedly picked up the term during one of his stints as a sailor.

Find more similar words at! on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement. Anatoly Liberman, ”Advice to the Etymologist: Never Lose Heart, or, The Origin of the Word Galoot,” OUPblog, 23 July 2008.

The word’s first English language appearance is in an 1808 poem, The Cruise: A Poetical Sketch, by A Naval Officer, where it seems to refer to a new sailor, a landlubber: For Men-of-war, an absolute GalootRaw from the country, had been full as good. There are related clues (shown below). During this second stint in Australia he wrote and had published his memoirs and the slang dictionary. Etymologist Anatoly Liberman points to the thirteenth century Italian galeot(t)o, “sailor, steersman,” as a possible source for galoot. A galoot is a clumsy, foolish, or silly person. Top synonyms for big galoot (other words for big galoot) are big moron, oaf and big jerk.

The Roadrunner, the hairdresser and the Big Galloot... here's my lowdown on the City dressing room; Skipper Mark Hudson on the characters and the antics that make up life at the Bluebirds.. How could a God-fearing gent fall in with the Govan.

That glossary is notable because it is one of the first dictionaries compiled in Australia and because of Vaux’s somewhat notorious biography. Synonyms for galloot in Free Thesaurus. Mark Twain, for example, uses it in his 1871 Roughing It: He could lam any galoot of his inches in America. What are synonyms for galloot?
A galoot is an awkward and not-too-intelligent person.

If your brother stumbles and drops an entire pizza on the kitchen floor, you'll be tempted to call him a galoot. Liberman suggests the proximate origin is the Middle Dutch galioot.

Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, can put you

an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman). You called George a galoot, and then he threw the base-ball club at you—is that it?

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