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The cooling memory is just like the sound of the rainwater, In the rain that obscures the vision, I think of you, All dissipated, whether it’s the time we spent together, or the look of you and me at the time, Let’s back to the time when I am in your embrace, Even if this is the only chance, or the last chance, The Moon that Embraces the Sun (OST): Top 3. Sont comme le bruit de la pluie Revenons au moment où j'étais dans tes bras uw~ Really Really Like You Dans la nostalgie Be the first one to write a review. If you’re not too busy, can you come out today? A l'époque où tu m'enlaçais ? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Cet enfermement de plus en plus fort Dans mes larmes, tu apparais dans mon esprit Video Lyn-Back In Time (with English Translate) Guru me.. bi chu nu ryo ji go.. Chang ga ea, yo ra ni ne ri nun.. :’) Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Lirik C-Real - Sorry But I [Romanization + Terjema... Lirik Super Junior & SNSD - Seoul Song [Romanizati... Lirik FT Island - Severely [Romanization + Terjema... Lirik IU - You and I [Romanization + Terjemahan], Lirik IU - Good Day [Romanization + Terjemahan]. nae sara... Jennie – SOLO Lyrics cheonjinnanman cheongsungaryeon saechimhan cheok ijen jichyeo na gwichanha maeil mwo hae eodiya babeun jal ja Baby... BURNOUT SYNDROMES – Hikari Are Lyrics (Haikyuu!! Related Lyn Links Back In Time video Lyn twitter. Bismulsori mankeum Linked Horizon – Shinzou wo Sasageyo! On YouTube there is also a possibility to ... Merhaba, öncelikle çeviriyi beğenmenize sevindim... Michelangelo Buonarroti - Amor, la tuo beltà non è mortale, Michelangelo Buonarroti - Caro m’è ’l sonno, Frozen (OST) - Lass jetzt los [Let It Go]. I'm... Shi rin giok duri.. ne mam but jap go i nun de... Da shi gu te cho rom man, gu de rul ana so. Ijen Ils capturent mon cœur et refusent de partir Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Gwaenchanheultende Galsurok jiteojyeogan Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST - My Love (내 사랑) by Lee Hi neul meolliseo jikyeomanbwassjyo I always saw you from afar. Je ne peux pas revenir en arrière You may find my Lyrics a little bit Different from other's blog or website, it is because i'm not just copy and translate the original Lyrics but i put my effort to hear over and over again the Songs so the Lyrics can be 99% same Pronounce like our Idol say in their MV or Mp3, but still there will always different pronounce when they sing Live because they always make a different performance for their Fan. o re jon but to gi da ryo wat jo Top Lyn Lyrics Two As One Love Theme My Destiny Then People Love Moves On Let Me Be The Only One Breakable Heart I'm Sorry Geu Deh Ji Geum With You. Lirik Super Junior - Haengbok (Happiness) [Romani... Lirik Super Junior M - Me [Romanization + Terjema... Lirik Super Junior - It's You [Romanization + Terj... Lirik Kim Jang Hoon ft. Heechul - Breaks Up Are So... Lirik LYn ft. Hae Geum - Teddy Bear [Romanization ... Lirik Super Junior - Reset [Romanization + Terjema... Lirik Super Junior - Your Eyes [Romanization + Ter... Lirik Super Junior - What If [Romanization + Terje... Lirik Super Junior - Monster [Romanization + Terje... Lirik Super Junior - In My Dream [Romanization + T... Lirik Super Junior ft. DBSK U-know & Micky - Heart... Lirik Super Junior - Let's Not [Romanization + Ter... Lirik Super Junior - Dead at Heart [Romanization +... Lirik Yesung - Waiting For You [Romanization + Ter... Lirik Yesung - It Has To Be You [Romanization + Te... Lirik T-Ara ft. Davichi - We Were in Love [Romaniz... Lirik LYn - Back in Time [Romanization + Terjemahan]. Thank You for support xoxo~ **Any Song Request ? Siganeul geoseulleo Majimagiljirado If you hug me just like you did before Then I will… Rating: 7.83/10 [6 votes] Back In Time Lyn. LYn & Hanhae – LOVE Lyrics (English Translation) Days without you are just whatever. Bit mul suri mankum.. chu un gyo u ri ji na Follow, Like and Subscribe. Reviews There are no reviews yet. LYN Back In Time Lyrics. Je ne peux pas revenir en arrière Heuteojyeoga (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); mwol haedo bwado jeonhyeo jeulgeopjiga anha, mwo geuphan il eopseumyeon oneul jamkkan nawa, museun saenggakhaneunji neodo neukkijanha, Yeah ne yeope na jeoldae an hae ttansaenggak, na anin dareun namjadeulgwa inneun moseup bogi silheo nan, akkyeo neol manhi barago tto barae neoga nae yeojagil. Nae maeum Nae nunmul Video Lyn-Back In Time (with English Translate) Guru me.. bi chu nu ryo ji go.. Chang ga ea, yo ra ni ne ri nun.. Tout ce qui se passe maintenant m'importe peu ( Log Out /  You are commenting using your account. Gureume bicceun heuryeojigo Lirik IU - The Story I Didn't Know [Romanization +... Lirik Teen Top - To You [Romanization + Terjemahan]. Artist : Big Bang Song Title : BLUE Gyo uri gago, Bomi cha jao jo Urin shi dul go, Gu rium so ge, Mami mong du rotjo.

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