8th army desert rats records

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Courtesy of 'Jock' (Rob) Lerche (K Bty) and Barry Forbes, The Troop Leader's Half Track from We were comfortable, but things weren’t easy. Courtesy of 'Jock' (Rob) Lerche (K Bty)


8th Hussars on the Egyptian - Palestine Frontier before the war, in 1938. He also earned some shards of shrapnel in his left arm, some slivers of which he carried all the way to his grave. Operator & Co-Driver, 16th November 1944, Bdr Tommy Farr, 2 IC (No. Officers of J Battery, probably after the end of the N African Campaign in Tunisia, 1943. Onboard the Landing Ship, with smalled landing craft alongside. 'C' Troop, CC Battery, 5 RHA, (as denoted by the TLC markings) near St Joost in early 1945. The H denotes it as being the vehicle of the Command Post Officer. 8th Army Desert rats Hi ALL, Im trying to trace my grandfathers military history.

Distributing the water ration. Lt Russell was taken PRISONER OF WAR AT SOLERNO on 16th September 1943 and was interned at Eichstatt in Bavaria ( Oflag7B, POW No. square of Tonning after VE Day. told they were soon be sailing away from Africa, but alas they were headed Libya 1943, 'Desert Rats All'. (or Hendrics) with the It will change as and when items are available to be added to it. More are available at http://www.bchomesellers.com/ww2/index.htm, Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car 'CC' Battery, 5th Royal Horse Artillery, Berlin, October 1945. They moved from Iraq on 28/03/1943 arriving in Enfidaville on 24/04/1943 and joining the 8th Army. Divisional HQ Jeeps crossing ther bridge. The same Humber can be seen in the Victory for Italy, via Salerno. My dad was in the 8th Army with the Desert Rats. A Glider at Eindhoven from A SUPER "8th ARMY" (DESERT RATS) "BATTLE CITATION" MILITARY CROSS (1943) Group of Six. (Mercers Troop). of Honour for 5th Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery (1939 - 1945), Please Men from CC Battery HQ in the snow by a AOP Cromwell, clearly showing the CC Bty Badge, with a local. Oudendosch 10th November 1944. 4266.)

Courtesy of Alexander Paterson. Moving upto the front in Humber Armoured Cars, 11th Hussars HQ, making use of an Courtesy of, 11th Hussars After Beda Fomm, complete with souvenir them. Discover war heroes in military records. If you ask to see his knife, he’ll cut himself to draw blood. Lieut V. J. Syborn and Lieut The Gothic M is visiable on the turret.

(Toska), Bottom Left: L/Bdr Johnny Gallon, Bottom Right: Sgt Guy Lewis. 5 RHA used TLA and TLB for G The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not Courtesy of 'Jock' (Rob) Lerche (K Bty) and Barry Forbes, Journey's end. Resting by the beach. 1943, Sherman Fireflies and some crews, In the event that you consider anything on this page to be in breach of the site's House Rules, please click here. Courtesy of James and David Allen. Courtesy of William Parfitt & Mark Smith. We struck up friendships with the Bedouin.

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Records for over 80,000 members of the County Durham Home Guard (WO409) (Files for those born less than 100 years ago cannot be downloaded) on The National Archives (£) The careers of Army officers can be traced through their commissions and promotions listed in the regular official Army List. here to go there now. 1944, A game of football during a entering Berlin with Major General Lyne, the Divisional Commander,

Light Tank MK VI from A Squadron in action, Attacking St. Joost with

Fusiliers, in late 1944 or 1945, Note Vickers MMG on mount in Bren Gun Carrier. If you are in any of the three pictures of 'K 'and 'CC' Batteries above But I think that both he and those Muslims he struck up a friendship with would be thoroughly distressed and disgusted at these religious Nazis now becoming a plague abroad the world. Its probably from D Troop, 41 LAA Battery from the D on the side. Rear of Leslie Mutten's Courtesy of 'Jock' (Rob) Lerche (K Bty) and Barry Forbes. A second picture of the radio inside a Marmon Herrington armoured car.

Flamethrower Carrier, Rather battered Workshop They didn't want to risk getting hit. The Yanks had everything.

), Cpt Wells, Lt Chris North, (?

(K.R.R.C.). Parade pictures with a Russian Officer and loudspeaker system.).

Courtesy of 'Jock' (Rob) Lerche (K Bty) and Barry Forbes. Morris C 9B SPG 40mm Bofors in the winter on 1944/1945. called Jakhals II.

The A1 denotes the Battery's Ammunition truck.

For instance, you should always burp after eating your meal.

He lived at 'The Watch Tower', Barton Road, Torquay, Devon. Courtesy of James Allen & David December 1944. Salute to the 40s event. spare kit on the way to Tunis 1943, Two picture of the pontoon Casualties during this M.C. Parade. Photograph from Leonard Smith, courtesy of his family. collection of Sergeant W. Paul DuPre, courtesy of his son Peter DuPre. ), REME
The Divisional Artillery vehicle was No 3. 3RHA on parade after the end of the N African Campaign in Tunisia, 1943. Another Sexton from 'H' Troop, CC Battery, showing the compartment cover and the various items stowed above the engine, Men from the Light Aid Detachment for 5 RHA, Holland December 1944. taking  the salute. OP Cromwell from H Troop, CC Battery. This took place a fortnight after capture. before the Berlin Victory Parade. I didn't utter a sound but, somehow, although it was pitch black, he could tell who it was. Tank, The 'Kentucky Minstrels' from Div His Release Certificate and testimonial is signed by a Major Cox at the No 4 Military Dispersal Unit and dated 4 Dec 1945. AND SOME IMPRESSIONS OF THE U.S. The 'H' above denotes the troop which is different to normal practice. Men of K Battery, 5th RHA in Berlin 1945.

L-R Gnr Ronald Hobbs (G Bty), Mia de Brouwer, Gnr Quad Tractor, Limber and 25pdr gun, of 4th RHA, on the move in 1942. Squires, Bill Slack, (? The crew of a Sexton from H Troop, CC Battery, 5 RHA, preparing for the Victory Parade in July 1945.

Photo Leonard Smith and courtesy of his family. Most of the content on this site is created by our users, who are members of the down while in action. I still have his medals but, regrettably, I have lost his Desert Rat flashes he brought back when he was demobbed. Two of the same crew in a less formal pose before the Victory Parade in July 1945. Pictures and Middle One was taken by my uncle George to use as a template for my mum and dad’s wedding cake.

), Cornwall. Note AOP Cromwell in the foreground and Sextons behind it, some with their covers in place. Montgomery, A Troop equipped with French 75mm guns H Troop, CC Battery, 5 RHA, complete with armour. 16th November 1944, Gnr (Dvr/Op) Brett, the Wireless ‘Ana-mashkeen ma-feesh valoose.’ We had to use that quite a bit with the beggars. 25pdr Gun, Limber and Crew, from 4th RHA ready for action in 1941. Lived In. Tanks of 8th Hussars waiting to cross the Rhine at Brunen, Recovering a Challenger Tank Destroyer from a river, Chaffee and Honey Tanks of 8th Hussars HQ (Recce) Squadron, outside Hamburg, 1945. Courtesy of Albert Burnikell and Top Left: Sgt (Dodger) Green, Top Right: Bdr Colin Tovey Only 260 Battery were equipped with the 17 pdr version at this time with the other SPG Battery (258) having US 76mm M10 Tank Destroyers.

winning action on 09/05/1943 were 41 killed and 101 wounded. More men of K Battery, 5 RHA, before the Berlin Victory Parade. Some Haltrack 'F1' with Articifiers sign above the cab from the Light Aid Detachment for 5 RHA, Holland December 1944.

Comet Tank of C Squadron, 5th RTR in Ghent during the celebration of the liberation in Sept 1945. Lt Russell was taken PRISONER OF WAR AT SOLERNO on 16th September 1943, Lt Russell was taken PRISONER OF WAR BY THE GERMANS AT THE SMALL VILLAGE OF PIEGOLLELLEL, Nr SOLERNO on 16th September 1943. Re-enactment Desert Rats Living History Group, soldier standing with Arab head-dress, British Army desert uniform and tommy gun in … We picked up a bit of Arabic to get by.

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