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I was born in cologne 30.05. I would love to know more about Bill. The crew were supplied with two gas operated Vickers Machine Guns which they were supposed to poke through the skin of the aircraft if they came under fighter attack from above. The Lancaster caught fire immediately on crash landing at Wyton and quickly became a blazing inferno as the aviation fuel ignited. Any information welcome. My mother, Sybil Hargreaves (née Alexander) , was engaged to a Bill Caldwell, who I know was killed just before their wedding….am I right in thinking this is the same one?! (A waist gunner had been deleted from traditional 10-man crews in part because the Luftwaffe was no longer likely to attack a B-17 from both sides). At sunset, we all stood and watched as the whole lot took off and we watched still as they disappeared into the night sky. John Mcenroe: In The Realm Of Perfection Watch Online, Your email address will not be published. 43 The 1000 Bomber raid on Bremen 1942 . 2ND 1000 PLANE BOMBER RAID (ESSEN 1ST/2ND JUNE 1942) R1410 KXM and found all these facts about what i thought was just a simple paper plane. This was to be Fredette’s 21st mission. At this critical moment, Flying Officer Manser once more disdained the alternative of parachuting to safety with his crew. Getting Married At Gretna Green Blacksmiths, A sergeant handed him a parachute but he waved it away, telling the non-commissioned officer to jump at once as he could only hold the aircraft steady for a few seconds more. Dune Board Game Tournament, Moreover, Spaatz reminded Doolittle that Berlin was not a new destination for American bombers and that legitimate targets lay within Adolf Hitler’s capital—Gestapo headquarters, the Air Ministry, railroad facilities, a panzer army on the move, etc. Soon, the aircraft became extremely difficult to handle and, when a crash was inevitable, Flying Officer Manser ordered the crew to bale out. ‘Special Treatment’ for some Soviet prisoners, 25 April 1945: The Royal Scots Fusiliers enter Bremen. 410269 of the RAAF (who was sadly killed along with Sgt. So on the 30th May 1942 the RAF launched the first of the ‘thousand bomber’ raids, a devastating attack on the city of Cologne in which more than a 1000 aircraft were deployed. The escort was provided by 133 P-51s, one was lost with the pilot reported missing in action and two were damaged beyond repair. Two-thousand tons of bombs had been had been dropped that night. Instead, with grim determination, he set a new course for the nearest base, accepting for himself the prospect of almost certain death in a firm resolve to carry on to the end. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Flying Officer Manser took violent evasive action, turning and descending to under 1,000 feet. Seven enemy fighters were shot down, three of them falling to one Stirling. He had finished his first tour as a Wop /AG on 9 Squadron (Wellingtons), and was sent to Wellesbourne for his rest period. Exile Brewing Menu, Codenamed Operation Millennium, the massive raid was launched for two primary reasons: . He remained in the RAF after the war serving in Cyprus and Egypt, he attained the rank of Squadron Leader. 25th June 1942: Third thousand bomber raid hits Bremen. Bremen reported that 48 houses were destroyed and 934 damaged, mostly lightly. He was widely regarded as America’s best pilot, he was already a recipient of the Medal of Honor, he was commander of the Eighth Air Force caught up in 1,000-plane bombing missions deep into the Third Reich, and he was mad as hell. Harris briefed Churchill that Bomber Command was now approaching the position where they could inflict serious damage on Germany – provided they threw everything at it. Amongst the crews taking part this night was 20 year old Flying Officer Eric Manser who was piloting Avro [permalink id=16248 text=”Manchester”] L7301. The First Raid. But if we attacked with a larger force, supposing that we could get one, should we be able to organise it in such a way as to get a really high concentration over the target? He received a commision, and had his uniform only ten days, and was due to be married at Prestbury, Cheshire on the Thusday after the raid. Of a force of 213 dispatched, 208 Lancasters of. Initially, the thousand bomber raid was heading for Hamburg, to smash the port and naval facilities there. Your email address will not be published. Golden Buzzer America's Got Talent 2017, He had begun to demonstrate the destructive power of his force, with the relatively modest success at Lubeck which had led to the the German retaliation of the‘Baedecker’ raids. Then the port engine burst into flames. 11 aircraft - 4 Wellingtons, 2, 144 aircraft - 55 Wellingtons, 39 Halifaxes, 26 Stirlings, 24 Lancasters. My uncle Sgt. They were unable to drop the bombs and all the crew was lost but for the tail gunner on the return. However, not one of those weary aircrews revealed where they had been. Are there any survivors from the group? This saw the first use of the "bomber stream" to overwhelm enemy radar and defences by flying in a narrow dense formation. Flying Officer Manser was captain and first pilot of a Manchester aircraft which took part in the mass raid on Cologne on the night of May 30th, 1942. Actually Coastal Command aircraft were used to reach the 1000-AC mark and bombed Bremen. Despite all the efforts of pilot and crew, the Manchester began to lose height. Of the 420 B-17 sent on the mission four B-17s were lost and 208 damaged. Pakenham Family History, The bombers were escorted by 93 P-51s. Heavy bombing raids were conducted on Hamburg, Bremen and Berlin, http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1945/1945%20-%201571.html, "The How and Why Air Attacks Crippled the German Oil-Chemical Industry", "The Thousand Bomber raids, 30/31 May (Cologne) to 17 August 1942", "The Type XXI U-boat U-3509 - German U-boats of WWII - uboat.net", http://www.303rdbg.com/missionreports/348.pdf, Air operations during the Battle of Europe, Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Bombing_of_Bremen_in_World_War_II&oldid=981823457, World War II strategic bombing of Germany, Germany–United Kingdom military relations, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February 2009, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from May 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Thankfully, in the small hours, we heard the first planes from the group returning and, over a period of about an hour, all were to return safely. I am trying to discover if this was fact or just a tongue-in-cheek comment taking the mickey out of the rear gunner. Jim Moffett Bonneville, 11 aircraft - 4 Stirlings, 4 Wellingtons, 3 Halifaxes - were lost. • 30–31 May 1942 : First thousand-bomber raid, 1,047 aircraft dispatched in "Operation Millennium" against Cologne. I wonder if any who served in the 214 are still living, My uncle Sgt Peter Grenville Brothers was in 214 squadron ,wireless operator and was killed in a raid on Bremen July 1942. 25th June 1942: Third thousand bomber raid hits Bremen On the first of these nights (25th-26th June), 1,105 aircraft drawn from Bomber, Fighter, Coastal and Army Co-operation Commands were despatched. A ruthless and methodical destruction of German power, as told back in the day, in this historical footage. The means to overcoming the defences was to employ an unprecedented number of aircraft. I am 88 now – the only survivor of five brothers, but I will never forget Bill, and his unfortunate demise. 50 Squadron. Alexander Rossi F1, Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. c. 1943. Nevertheless large parts of the Focke-Wulf factory in Bremen were flattened: Bomber Command made 1,400 aircraft sorties against land targets, compared with 661 last week. Ion Storm Transformers, Heavy cloud obscured the target on each occasion, but photographs secured later disclose considerable destruction. The largest bombing raid of World War II was the British attack on Cologne, Germany, on May 30, 1942, when over 1,000 bombers were sent to destroy chemical and machine tool facilities there in a single-night attack. This website reflects the views only of the author(s) and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. [2], In June 1942, Bremen was the target for the RAF's third "thousand bomber raid". There remained the problem of the first-class target, the major industrial town round which the enemy was bound to concentrate effective and heavy defences. His darkest memories of the war was the loss of his friends on that night. Essen & Bremen, Germany; Background to story: Royal Air Force Article ID: A8252057 Contributed on: 04 January 2006. The “Big B.” Its antiaircraft defenses stretched across 40 miles of searchlights, flak batteries, decoy fires, decoy marker flares and target indicators, and airfields that still held enough fighters to make approaching the city a risky business. Your email address will not be published. 413091 of the RAAF; Flight Sergeant Vincent Gregory Tankard, Serice No. © 2020 TRAIL Project, ID number: 2015-1-FR01-KA204-015397, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. He was killed earlier in that month in Denmark. It was of no avail. New British Grant tanks attack in the desert, Rommel renews his attack on the Gazala line, 3 November 1944: Maximum Effort: USAAF send a 1000 B-17s to bomb Berlin, 31 October 1944: RAF Bomber Command revisits Cologne – again, The Holocaust and the 'average' German - Page 19 - Historum - History Forums, 4th May 1943: The battle of the Ruhr hots up. As the number of heavy bombers in the RAF increased, greater tonnage could be dropped on a target with fewer aircraft. Harris thought he could find them. About 2,100 tons of bombs were dropped during the period under review. in October 1942. First—a close shave, because an oxygen mask would be strapped to the face all day; ablutions, a little hot water if this was a lucky day. Reid); Sgt. The togglier was an enlisted man who filled in for the bombardier, usually an officer, and dropped bombs not by aiming them but by following a cue from the aircraft in the lead of the formation.

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