We Build to intensify the world with our profession

We are best in construction This is our passion

Concrete project

With Professional Engineers 

Construction is our profession and we are the best in this field. This is our passion to construct for you and for your love ones. We are quality builder it’s our first priority to give you our best in any kind of project that we had together. This concrete project was a low level project we just done this project with in a week. This how  efficient we are.

Our Expertise

We are expert at any  kind of construction you want you can just contact us to get the right guide for that project it’s our duty to satisfy your self. And give you special time and had meeting for a better decision for better future of your project. We have qualified engineers  and certified staff which is working under us from so long.

Best Architecture

Basically Architecture is a structure designer who give us the structural design for our construction and we have experienced Architecture.


We have an Exterior team which work at home and offices exterior that how the appearance seems good at your building like for color combinations and out look of your site.

Best Landscape Designer

In this area the landscape designer set the design that how environment and physical structure design can suitable to each other. Qualified Engineers do this job

Planning & Quality

We have a Quality check and planning team who visit the site twice in a week and give us plan for more improvements in our projects and maintain the Quality of construction

best Furniture decorator

After completion of a site we provide professional home decorators who decorate your home or offices for you to have a good look.


This is so important when we build a house that how interior will be a very important part of construction. So we have services for you to make a outline for your interior design according to your requirements

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We make homes and give color to your life.

Our Projects


John Curtis

 “I’m really happy to start my establishment with this company the are really good at their work they never make me feel like my existence is necessary they took all load to themselves”.

Kaven Matthew

I was looking for a company to reconstruct my house so atlast I meet them and we had work together I really valued them they are doing great job I highly recommend them”.

Our Expert Team

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Kelly R


Christ robert



About Us

Paul Bunyan Construction is a wide company in construction field. We construct thousand and house and offices to make our name in today’s builders. We designed so many houses and offices which are so famous. This work is our passion and our work is our identity. We are working in construction field from last 30 years and we tust in quality work so that why we never tradeoff on quality and always make happy our customers. 


At first we take demands from our clients and we understand their needs and demands. Then start planning for their projects.

Quality Work

We take control of your construction from starting to completion. And we never make trade-off at build quality because this your future and we are here to make it safe.

Delivery time

We always try to save your time and money. In normal projects take 2 to 3 weeks in finishing this is our time to finalize the project and we always try to do our best for our clients.

If You Are Looking For Highly Professional Architectures And Great Designers Then You Are At Right Place! All You Need Is To Fill Up The Form And Our Team Will Contact You In No Time.

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